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Using embedded computers as the central controller in an AFC system

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems are used in modern mass transit systems around the world to provide passengers with automated ticketing services. The major requirements for AFC systems are reliability, readily available network access to accommodate real-time control and monitoring, and management and organization of multiple devices.

Embedded computers can play an important role in constructing an integrated and reliable AFC system by serving as the central controller to control and manage not only the system at large, but the peripheral devices as well. They can also be used for remote monitoring, data acquisition, data logging and protocol conversion. By using Moxa's advanced embedded computing solutions, system integrators can implement a cutting edge solution to satisfy AFC system requirements.

System Requirements
  • Quick and reliable system response for approving banking ID
  • Built-in web server for real-time control and remote monitoring
  • Front-end communication computer for data processing and logging
  • Various devices must be well managed and organized
  • Dual-LAN design for connecting IPC and ID approving center
  • Easy development for system integration
  • Multiple communication ports for connecting devices

Moxa Solution


Modern AFC systems allow passengers to purchase and add money to fare/smart cards through electronic backing transactions at ticket vending machines (TVM). As a result, real-time passenger banking ID confirmation for approving credit and ATM transactions is essential. Since TVMs are actually composed of multiple peripheral devices, embedded computers can be used as the central controller to connect and manage all of these devices within the machine.

For example, a customer decided to install Moxa's UC-8410 RISC-based industrial embedded computer as the central controller for a TVM application in an AFC system. The UC-8410 features 3 LAN ports. 2 of the LANs connect to the banking ID certification system and IPC, and the last one for reservation. It is also equipped with 8 serial ports to manage peripheral devices, such as an LCM display, card reader, and keypad

Why Moxa

  • Built-in web server for remote monitoring, CompactFlash slot for data logging, and USB slot for wireless connectivity 
  • Ready-to-run platform allows greater flexibility and provides multi-level open data transmission and stability for easy integration with third-party devices
  • Pre-installed operating system with real-time platform for quick system response
  • Dual LAN connection for IPC and ID certification system  


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