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EN 50155 Certified Embedded Computers for Tram Control Management

Location / Country : Spain

Product Solutions:
V2400 Series Expansion Modules

Expansion peripheral modules (EPM) for the V2400 series

Project Introduction

A leading transportation company in Spain needs to establish a tram control and communication management application. This system requires a powerful industrial computer onboard that can connect different remote devices for a variety of tasks. The computer must be EN 50155-certified for stable communication on the transportation vehicles, and can offer the easy-to-use platform for engineers to develop related applications. As an entirely new system used on the trams, the customer must carefully select the computers with the highest standards to meet the system requirements.

System Requirements

• Powerful industrial computer with multiple interfaces for connecting a variety of devices
• Multiple digital input channels for alarms, odometer, and audio board control
• EN 50155 certification for reliable and stable operation on trams
• Products must meet EN 50155 T3 class temperature requirement
• Easy-to-use platform for system development and integration

Moxa Solution

Moxa’s V2426 computers provide a powerful computing platform and come with a variety of interfaces, including serial ports, digital input/output channels, and LAN ports for different types of communication. The customer can use these interfaces to connect operator panels, tetra radios, GPS panels, audio board control devices, alarms, and RFID beacon transponders.

The V2426 computers have 2 expansion slots, allowing users to add EPM-3338 and EPM-3032 modules for easy expansion and integration. The ability to add expansion modules allows you to create cost-effective solutions that are easily expanded.

Moreover, the V2426 computers are EN 50155 T3 certified and support a -25 to 70°C operating temperature, guaranteeing reliable and stable operation when used with rolling stock applications.

Why Moxa

• Dedicated project management and service meet customer requirements and schedules
• Quick response for spec and technical support
• Modular design with two expansion slots for easy system integration and expansion flexibility
• EN 50155 certification with T3 standard for -25 to 70°C operating temperature
• Intel Atom N270 CPU with powerful computing performance
• A variety of interfaces for connecting different remote devices


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