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Ethernet-based surveillance and management system for water pumping station
Product Solutions:
EDS-405A/EDS-408A Series

5 and 8-port entry-level managed Ethernet switches

ioLogik W5340-HSPA

Smart HSPA remote I/O with Click&Go Logic


Traditionally, the specialized SCADA-based systems used for the monitoring and management of water pumping facilities were physically isolated from other networks, making it difficult or impossible to access them outside the physical control center. Ethernet and IP-based communication technology makes it possible and cost-effective to achieve a far more flexible and powerful system that is accessible globally and easily integrated with other systems and networks. However, certain considerations must be met in order to maintain the necessary level of reliability, security, and compatibility with existing systems.

For example, the existing system at a water pumping facility may already be deeply invested in specialized CCTV cameras, sensors, and software, and replacing this equipment may simply not be an option. In addition, when connecting a previously closed network to the larger network or the Internet, it is absolutely necessary to implement strong security measures that safeguard the data from unauthorized access.  Finally, it may be highly desirable to enable alternative forms of backup access for the most critical systems to ensure maximum availability.

System Requirements

• Makes both sensor data and CCTV video feeds securely available over Etherent
• Seamless integration with existing SCADA system and terminals
• Offer backup communication and secure VPN channel for critical data

Moxa Solution



Moxa seamlessly integrates the existing monitoring system for a water pumping station into a larger Ethernet network, while retaining the high level of reliability and security that is critical for these types of facilities.

In the example above, the Ethernet network serving the facility is powered by Moxa’s EDS-408A, which offers a deep set of management functions for communication reliability and supports a high-performance redundant topology that can restore broken communication links within milliseconds. This network is shielded from unauthorized access through the use of Moxa’s EDR-G902, a high-performance IPSec VPN security router that offers extremely strong protection at multiple levels.

Connecting the actual monitoring equipment to the network are Moxa’s VPort 461 and ioLogik W5300. The VPort 461 connects to CCTV cameras and converts them to video streams that can be viewed over the Ethernet. It supports a free SDK that enables the video streams to be integrated directly into SCADA software with minimal development time and effort.

The ioLogik W5300 is a multi-functional RTU that connects to water pressure sensors, UPS’s, generators, and other devices so they can be monitored or triggered over the SCADA system. It features built-in wireless communication over cellular networks that can provide emergency access if the Ethernet connection goes down.
These products are built for industrial tolerances and can operate in extreme temperatures. They offer full compliance with many industrial protocols and regulations and are suitable for a wide range of environments and sites.

Why Moxa

• Designed for industrial use and tolerances, including wide-temperature operation
• Easily integrates existing devices and systems with Ethernet network
• Maintains high level of reliability and security, including wireless channel for backup communication
• Enables integration of video surveillance systems and real-time sensor data with Ethernet network and SCADA systems