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Steel Factory Integrates IP Video Surveillance into Automation

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:
EDS-518A Series

16+2G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction
The truck scale systems used in steel plants to measure and weigh steel bars is an essential element of the steel manufacturing process. To prevent errors in the process, video surveillance is often used to monitor operating conditions and assist in trouble shooting. The challenge here is to integrate video surveillance system into the plant’s truck scale system, creating a seamless SCADA system with enhanced video functionality.

System Requirements


• An efficient and reliable monitoring system that integrates data, video, and voice over Ethernet network for centralized management

• Two-way audio communication between field site and control center

• Wide operating temperature range and rugged design for harsh environments

Moxa Solution

Moxa offered an IP video surveillance solution composed of three parts: front-end data collection, network communication, and centralized management.

Front-end Data Collection:

For each truck scale, 4 analog cameras and a speaker and microphone were installed to monitor operating conditions. Moxa’s VPort 354-T, a 4-channel industrial video encoder, was used to transmit the analog video and audio over Ethernet to the switch in the control room, thereby achieving real-time data transmission and two way audio communication between field operators and the control center. To monitor the entire site, the customer also installed a PTZ camera with Moxa’s VPort 351-T, the 1-channel video encoder, which allowed the control center to remotely control the PTZ camera.


In the control center, the customer deployed Moxa’s EDS-518A-T managed Ethernet switch, which provides 16 Ethernet ports to connect VPort units and host PCs, and 2 combo Gigabit ports to connect to the factory’s network backbone.

Thanks to its support for VLAN technology, the EDS-518A-T facilitated network management by segmenting networks without being restricted by physical connections. The EDS-518A-T also allowed the customer to monitor the status of each port, and receive alarms for any network interruptions.
Centralized Management:

The customer established a central management platform in the control room with Moxa’s IP surveillance software, SoftNVR-IA. The advanced software supports dual monitor display, PTZ control, and live view, and playback functionalities. Authorized users were thus able to access the central management platform to remotely monitor and control the PTZ cameras as well as other connected devices.

Moreover, SoftNVR-IA’s built-in Active OPC Server allows users to integrate the video surveillance system into the factory’s SCADA system. When receiving any SCADA events, the Active OPC Server would trigger video recording or alarm notifications in response, and simultaneously provide status reports.
Moxa’s VPort SDK PLUS, the user-friendly software development kits, is another useful tool that enabled the customer to easily integrate the video surveillance system with the SCADA system into a single network. Working in conjunction with Moxa’s innovative DynaStream technology, which automatically adjusts video frame rates, the customer was able to perform enhanced bandwidth management to minimize network bottlenecks.

Why Moxa

  • Industrial-grade, wide operating temperature solutions (-30 to 70°C operating temperature for VPort 354-T video encoder; -40 to 75°C operating temperature for EDS-518A-T managed Ethernet switch)
  • Real-time data transmission with two-way audio communication between field site and control center
  • Seamless integration with SCADA system with enhanced bandwidth management