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Integrated Remote Control and Security System for Italian Subway

Location / Country : A Leading European Engineering CompanyItaly

Product Solutions:
EDS-518A Series

16+2G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction

The company featured in here has been a major player in the energy industry for nearly 90 years. Based in Europe, the company's main business is providing solutions for energy plant substations and power stations. In addition, the company has a hand in infrastructure management solutions for the building industry and several facets of the transportation industry, including harbors, airports, roads, tunnels, railroads, and subways. 

In recent years, the company accepted the complex task of planning and designing an integrated control and security system for Electric Metropolitan Light Railway in Bergamo, Italy. The railway company had three major requirements: (1) the system must be reliable, (2) redundancy must be built into the network structure, and (3) network access must be readily available to accommodate real-time control and monitoring from a central control center. By using Moxa's advanced networking solutions, the system integrator was able to propose and implement a cutting edge solution to satisfy the client's requirements.

Moxa Solution

This subway communication system is a good example of how optical fiber Ethernet can be used to centralize operations of a complex and distributed system. The subway consists of a total of fi fteen subway stations, with adjacent stations separated by an average distance of 1 kilometer. This means that the subway line stretches some 15 kilometers from end to end, although the optical fiber network runs a total length of more than 20 kilometers. The speed and reliability of the communications were greatly enhanced by using a gigabit Turbo Ring as the communication backbone. Using gigabit speed also makes it feasible to set up a high quality integrated surveillance system, as well as a safe and reliable remote control system to manage several facets of the subway's daily operations.

Each of the 15 subway stations uses Moxa's EDS-518A-T wide temperature gigabit managed switch to connect a variety of devices to the communication network. The EDS-518A-T has 2 combo gigabit ports that make it possible to connect the switch to the gigabit Turbo Ring with optical fi ber, plus 16 fast Ethernet ports for connecting to devices located in the vicinity of the switch. In this case, the devices include 5 to 7 video servers for connecting surveillance cameras to the network, 6 PLCs for automatic control, and 2 to 3 voice-over-Ethernet telephones for communicating between stations and the control center. In the control center, there is an EDS-510A-1GT2SFP Gigabit Managed switch, which forms a gigabit ring together with EDS-518A, providing high bandwidth solution for volumes of data, video, and voice transmission.

By using Moxa's Gigabit Ethernet backbone to network the control and security system for the subway, the system integrator was able to combine data, video, and voice into ONE network. One of the main benefi ts of insisting on implementing a ONE network concept was that all of the operating information from the 15 subway stations was available in real time, thereby allowing the user was able to optimize both train scheduling and security control. 

Network System Diagram

Why Moxa


  • Moxa's Gigabit Ethernet switches allow users to exploit the high bandwidth Turbo Ring to implement both gigabit ring redundancy and the ONE network concept. This means that data, video, and voice can be accessed from ONE network, and helps guarantee that control and security surveillance signals are transmitted reliably.
  • The fiber optic solution solves the problem of high electromagnetic interference, and satisfi es the longdistance transmission requirement imposed by the railway environment.
  • Automatic alarm messages can be sent by email when network problems arise, ensuring that any fault can be detected in time to take action.
  • IP-based networks are easy to integrate with other systems and applications.
  • Easy-to-use management options, such as by web browser, Windows utility, Telnet console, or serial console, make confi guration easy, and ensure quick and accurate installation and diagnosis.


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