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An Industrial-Grade Rugged IP CCTV System for Adaro’s Kelanis Mining Site

Location / Country : Kelanis, Indonesia

Product Solutions:

IP68 Outdoor Housing

VPort 36-1MP Series

HD, rugged, day-and-night box type IP cameras

Project Introduction

One of the most important production sites for Adaro in Indonesia is located close to the Barito River. Operations at the site include exploratory drilling, coal mining, stockpiling, and then transporting the coal along the river on barges. In order to achieve better control and higher security over their operation, Adaro initiated a project to install an industrial-grade, rugged IP CCTV system.

System Requirements

Field site devices must be able to operate without a fan in a high temperature, dust-filled, outdoor environment. Since the site extends over a wide area, products must have a long MTBF and rugged design to reduce the amount of maintenance effort required, and a third party VMS is required since the new installation must be compatible with the existing CCTV system.

The existing system uses Axis cameras. However, the customer decided to use an industrial-grade IP CCTV solution for the new system to better meet environmental requirements. In addition, a third party VMS was used to ensure that Moxa's IP cameras and the original Axis IP cameras can connect to the same system. In order to create a centralized CCTV system, the VMS server is connected to the original server in the central control room, with IP cameras installed along the production perimeter and transportation route.

Moxa Solution


VPort 36-1MP-T
Rugged HD box type H.264 IP camera
- Industrial-grade design with -40 to 75°C operating temperature, without heater or fan
- HD resolution (1280 x 720)
- DNR/BLC/WDR technologies for superior image quality
- Level 3 EMI / surge protection
- IP68 housing for rain/dust protection
- EN 50121-4 and NEMA TS2 compliant
- Supports DynaStream™ for optimized network efficiency
- 5-year warranty and long MTBF

IP68 outdoor housing
- Protected for use in outdoor environments
- Die cast aluminum alloy construction
- Clam shell housing style
- Dual side screw-locking

Why Moxa

- Moxa’s IP cameras can function in an operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C without heater or cooling fan.
- Compared to commercial IP cameras, the rugged and fanless design ensures a lower failure rate when used
outdoors, and reduces maintenance costs.