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Public Transportation Ticket Vending Machines

Location / Country : Spain

Product Solutions:

8-port RS-232 Universal PCI serial board

Project Introduction



The mass transit agency of a Spanish city was developing a public transportation network that included both above and below ground trains for the entire metropolitan area. They planned to install ticketing vending machines (TVM) in the stations to make it easier for passengers to purchase tickets, thereby improving customer service. These TVMs resemble ATMs, but also use an embedded PC. While they do not perform bank transactions, TVMs allow passengers to purchase tickets by cash, credit/bank cards, coin, or even Smart Cards. TVMs generally use more peripherals than a typical ATM, requiring aound 8 ports to connect all the serial devices that comprise the machine.



Moxa Solution




To address the above mentioned concerns, Moxa provided the mass transit agency with CP168U multiport serial boards as a cost-effective and space-saving solution.

The CP-168U is an 8-port RS-232 Universal PCI board. In order to accommodate all the peripheral devices in a single machine, TVMs are beginning to use smaller PCs that come with fewer PCI expansion slots.

The CP-168U's design allows our client to connect up to 8 peripheral devices via a single PCI slot. As a result, our client is able to provide more services and greater convenience to passengers by integrating all of these components into one machine.




Why Moxa



• Connect up to 8 serial devices to your PC
• Various connection cables and connection boxes accommodate different serial device form factors, such as DB9 male, DB25 male, and RJ45 connectors
• Easy installation
• All Moxa products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and come backed with a 5-year warranty



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