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Moxa's Total Solutions for Railway Computer-based Interlocking and Train Control System

Location / Country : Asia

Product Solutions:
EDS-205A/EDS-208A Series

5 and 8-port unmanaged Ethernet switches

EDS-408A 3 Fiber Series

8-port Entry-level Managed Ethernet Switch with 3 Fiber Ports


Industrial network management software designed for converged automation networks

Project Introduction
A leading railway signaling company in Asia upgrades existing systems by implementing CBI (Computer-based Interlocking) and TCS (Train Control System). This project will involve building an Ethernet communications network from the ground up, installation of TCS visual display units, and development of maintenance tools. Every new component must integrate seamlessly with the existing railway infrastructure, and sophisticated network management software is absolutely necessary to ensure operational safety and reliability, especially under demanding railway conditions.

System Requirements

Robust computers for the Train Control System and maintenance tool
1. Dual-LAN ports for network redundancy 
2. High resolution (up to 1920x1080 dpi) and built-in dual video outputs for panoramic view of the yard
3. Wide temperature sustainability to resist harsh wayside environment (operating temperature ranging from 
         -40 to 70ºC for interlocking equipment)
4. Ethernet and USB ports with M12 connectors for tougher and tighter connection of networks and KB/mouse 
         to avoid TCS interruption

Industrial Ethernet switches for interlocking device communications
1. Wide temperature sustainability to resist harsh wayside environment (operating temperature ranging from 
        -40 to 70ºC for interlocking equipment)
2. Versatile interface suitable for 10/100TX, and single mode or multi-mode 100FX Fiber ports
3. Managed functions and Fast Convergence Ring capability in a large network (under 20ms)

Network management software for Ethernet switch monitoring and maintenance
1. Auto network discovery and visual topology diagram
2. Visual topology diagram with redundant link indication
3. Detailed topology map with port connection indication
4. Real-time alarm and visual online error indication with time-stamped event logging
5. Automatic device/port link status updates

Serial to Ethernet device server for CBI system maintenance and diagnosis
1. Wide temperature sustainability to resist harsh wayside environment (operating temperature ranging from 
        -40 to 70ºC for interlocking equipment)
2. Windows and Linux Virtual COM ports utility with the full control of Serial port signals (RTS/CTS/DSR/DTR)

Moxa Solution
Moxa provides a complete solution for this railway TCS application, which consists of the following:
1. V2406-T and V2402-T rugged computers at the control center to perform TCS, maintenance, and network management. These computers are designed with advanced heat dissipation technology to perform reliably under demanding conditions without a cooling fan or air conditioning. They can be connected to two displays for full yard surveillance, and each has dual LAN ports for network redundancy. The M12 connector on the V2406-T makes this critical connection substantially more reliable than commercial RJ45 or USB A/B type connectors.
2. IKS-6726-T, EDS-408A-SS-SC-T, and EDS-208A-T industrial Ethernet switches help build a reliable, resilient, and cost-effective network infrastructure from field to center. The IKS-6726-T and EDS-408A-T managed switches feature Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technology, able to recover network-segment failures (node or link) in less than 20 milliseconds within a large network of up to 250 nodes.
3. MXview industrial network management software at the control center provides real-time monitoring and management of Ethernet switches, which in turn eases the deployment and maintenance of the communication networks, especially suitable for industrial application networks with its intuitive and fully visualized graphic interfaces.
4. NPort IA5450AI-T device servers at the field sites to connect to the console of the interlocking devices for maintenance and diagnostic purposes.
Moxa products fulfill the technical requirements of this railway project to install a reliable Computer-based Interlocking network and implement an efficient Train Control System. In addition, the Ethernet system can provide better device accessibility and offer network flexibility if future modifications are necessary.

Why Moxa

• A project-oriented provider (one-stop shopping) of rugged computers, Ethernet switches (managed/unmanaged), serial device servers, and network management software.
• Wide portfolio of Ethernet switches (DIN-Rail or rack-mount) ranging from compact models to high-density hubs, and up to 48Giga+10G models.
• Focused on railway industry products with fanless designs, wide operating temperature range, Serial port isolation, and M12 connectors.



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