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Moxa UC-8406-LX Plus Computer Plays a Key Role in a City’s Surveillance and Wireless Infrastructure

Location / Country : North America

Product Solutions:

Arm-based wireless-enabled wall-mount industrial computer with 16 serial ports, 3 LANs, and 4 DI/DO

Project Introduction

A city government in North America needed to set up a wireless infrastructure to establish a city surveillance system for safety monitoring. The system required a Linux-based computer that can connect various IP cameras for environmental monitoring, and a wireless module that supports 3G mobile telecommunications for connecting to the control center.

System Requirements

.Linux platform that allows easy implementation of relevant applications and software packages
.Wireless module as the main data communications medium
.Various switching ports for connecting IP cameras

Moxa Solution

The UC-8406-LX Plus computer (customized version of the UC-8416) supports a wireless module that can be used to easily establish a wireless infrastructure for data communications. The computer has four switch ports for connecting four IP cameras, and a reliable and fanless design that makes it ideal for the city’s surveillance application.

Moxa’s UC-8406-LX Plus computer is a Linux-based platform that makes it easy to develop and implement a variety of applications. Most importantly, Moxa’s professional Linux software engineers are available to assist end-users with installing application programs on the platform. The programs include various GNU packages, as well as network services such as iptables, a DHCP server, and a tool for testing RS-232 serial ports.

For this project, Moxa engineers were available onsite to provide technical support, and help city officials make their surveillance and wireless infrastructure a reality.

Why Moxa

.RISC-based, Linux platform for easy application implementation
.Professional Linux engineers for system consulting and technical support
.Reliable hardware design and various interfaces, including a wireless module and switch ports, for easy device connection