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Easily Programmable RTU for Heavy-Duty Rail Asset Condition Monitoring

Location / Country : Australia

Product Solutions:
ioPAC 8020 C/C++ Series

Rugged modular RTU controllers

Project Introduction

Mining is one of the most important industries in Australia. A leading mine operator in Australia needed to construct a 300 km heavy-duty rail line to transport processed iron ore from a mine in west Australia. This privately operated rail line will operate five trains every day, each consisting of three locomotives hauling up to 32,000 tons of ore. This critical railway asset is heavily used, so the railway operator needed a solution that monitored the condition of the railway equipment and provided early warnings about possible equipment failures.

System Requirements

• Rugged design in compliance with all railway requirements for higher reliability
• Wide operating temperature range of -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F) to withstand harsh environments
• Modular and hot-swappable I/O modules design for flexibility
• Programmable open platform for easy integration

Moxa Solution

This mining operator needed an IP-based data acquisition solution that connected its rail assets and monitoring devices with their existing Ethernet backbone. Asset condition monitoring of wayside systems can ensure the reliability of the rail line’s daily operations and enhance maintenance efficiency.
In this system, Moxa’s ioPAC 8020-C RTU controller connects a series of asset protection detectors, such as solar power detectors (DI), dragging equipment detectors (DI), stream flooding detectors (DI), and cold rail detectors (AI). These sensors collect real-time management information and store it locally; the central train management system can access the data remotely through the ioPAC 8020-C RTU controller from analysis. This way, any system warning signs or anomalous conditions can be easily identified before failures occur.
The ioPAC 8020-C RTU controller particularly excels here because it is a programmable platform with comprehensive APIs that include I/O control and alarms, and is highly interoperable with SCADA/DB systems. The APIs and interoperability reduce the amount of programming work needed to deploy the system. In addition, the ioPAC 8020-C RTU controller’s hot-swappable I/O modules allow maintenance staff to easily replace modules at any time, without affecting the rest of the system. The rugged platform is also compliant with railway standards and operates in a wide temperature range, allowing it to operate sustainably in the harsh outdoors environment of Australia.

Why Moxa

• Rugged design compliant with EN 50121-3-2, EN 50121-4 and the
essential sections of EN 50155
• Hot-swappable I/O module design for easy maintenance
• Modular I/O for versatility, flexibility and scalability
• Wide operating temperature: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F)
• Comprehensive APIs to reduce programming workload


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Moxa’s solutions are deployed in major railway systems across Europe, the US, and Asia, and can be found in passenger information systems (PIS), automatic train control (ATC), automatic train operations (ATO), automatic train supervision (ATS), and CCTV systems. For more information, please click on the icon to download the railway success stories.


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