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Reliable IP CCTV Solutions for Any Rail Onboard Applications
Product Solutions:
VPort 06-2 Series

EN 50155, 1080P video image, compact IP cameras

VPort P06-1MP-M12

EN 50155, HD video image, compact IP cameras

VPort P06HC-1MP-M12 Series

HD video image, square-type IP cameras for mobile surveillance

VPort P16-1MP-M12 Series

EN 50155, HD video image, rugged IP cameras

VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR Series

EN 50155, HD video image, infrared IP cameras

VPort P16-2MR Series

EN 50155, 1080P video image, infrared IP cameras


IP-based CCTV systems are becoming essential for train operations. Effective video surveillance protects passenger safety and makes train operations more efficient, which has led to increased investment in onboard IP CCTV systems. Asthese systems are adding more and more cameras and NVRs throughout the train, the scope and reach of these systems has been expanded. These new video surveillance applications have introduced important new IP video requirements.

System Requirements

• Requires onboard CCTV cameras that operate reliably in high vibration, unstable rolling stock environments
subject to water, dust, EMC, and extreme temperatures.
• Continuous, crystal-clear image quality is required in different applications and viewing conditions, such as
low luminance, and unstable or fluctuating lighting conditions.
• High performance video streams for smooth video surveillance
• The flexibility to integrate with existing systems and third party CCTV devices and VMSs
• The ability to seamlessly integrate with other onboard electronic devices, including fire alarms and displays
for monitoring drivers.
• The ability to provide a total solution, including a diverse selection of IP cameras and video servers with the
required industrial certifications.

Moxa Solution

•  Wide Range of Onboard CCTV Solution: Moxa offers operators a wide selection of industrial-grade IP cameras, NVRs and VMSs specifically designed for rail onboard usage.

•  Industrial-grade Reliability: To ensure reliable onboard operation, Moxa’s IP cameras and NVRs are industry-certified, and comply with onboard requirements such as EN 50155, wide operating temperature from -40 to 75°C, IP66 dust/water resistance, IK8 to IK10 vandal resistance, and high EMC protection (EN 50121-3-2).

•  Superior Image Quality in Any Conditions: Moxa’s advanced image technologies include our iCapTrue technology, built-in IR, DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), BLC (Backlight Compensation), and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to ensure clear picture quality under any lighting conditions.

Optimal Streaming Performance: Moxa’s CBR ProTM is an optimized bit rate control technique designed to solve performance issues under limited bandwidth. It stabilizes the bit rate and guarantees the system will maintain consistent video performance even in low-bandwidth environments such as onboard trains.

Easy Management: Moxa’s IP CCTV systems can seamlessly integrate and communicate with onboardelectronic devices like fire alarms and displays for the driver to monitor. With ONVIF Profile S, Moxa’s cameras and NVRs can integrate with any third party CCTV device and VMS, providing operators scalability and flexibility.
















1.  Front/Rear-Facing

 VPort P16-1MP-M12
• Clear color images both day and night
• Good image performance in fast changing lighting conditions
• High-speed imaging

2. Driver Car

VPort P16-1MP-M12-IR and VPort P16-2MR
• Built-in IR for low lux environments
• Color image for identifying the panel LED indicator

3. Carriage

VPort 06-2   VPort P06-1MP-M12 Consist Camera
• Clear daylight images
• Compact size
• Audio or microphone input

VPort P06HC-1MP-M12 Intercom Camera
• Video/audio recording
• Interoperation with intercom
• Flush mountable

4. Exterior

VPort 06EC-2V Retro-vision and Pantograph Camera (available in March, 2017)
• IP67 rain and dust protection
• 1920 x 1080 resolution at up to 60 FPS
• Built-in front glass heater for defrost