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Shanghai Metro Remote Monitoring Network

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:
EDS-728 Series

24+4G-port Layer 2 Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches

ioLogik E2212

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 8 DIs, 8 DOs, 4 DIOs

Project Introduction

The Shanghai Metro is an urban mass rapid transit system that incorporates both subways and elevated light railways. Due to rapid population growth in Shanghai city, daily ridership jumped to a new record of 3.82 million passengers in April of 2008. This surge in ridership made it necessary to introduce a more efficient and real-time security monitoring system to maintain public security and safety. For this reason, the Shanghai Metro decided to upgrade its current monitoring network in response to these needs. An Ethernet network with synchronized Ethernet I/O solutions was adopted to provide an efficient multi-point monitoring system in one network.

System Requirements

• Network the existing security monitoring system to enhance monitoring efficiency
• Integrate monitoring data and video surveillance into one network using Ethernet
• Synchronize the field status to more than one control center for greater visibility and centralized event recording and analysis
• Local alarm capability in the existing monitoring system for real-time notification onsite

Moxa Solution

The security monitoring system upgrade not only required sending alerts to local sites when exceptions occur, but it was also necessary to synchronize with the Shanghai Metro's station control center and central control room. Due to the accessibility and fast transmission speed of an Ethernet LAN, Ethernet-enabled devices were applied to connect legacy devices to the Ethernet network.

The monitoring and control system includes three levels: central information level, station level, and field level. The system also covers the extensive system of subway tunnels, elevated tracks, as well as all kinds of control rooms for controlling signals, environmental factors, and power. Moxa's ioLogik E2212 Active Ethernet I/O devices were selected to integrate the local I/O status with the network, and duplicate signals to local and remote control centers over the Ethernet network formed by the EDS-726 Gigabit modular Ethernet switches. The local intelligence of the ioLogik E2212 delivers event messages automatically, making more network bandwidth available for video transmissions over the network, which is essential for establishing one network for efficient and effective monitoring.


Why Moxa

• The ioLogik E2212 Active Ethernet I/O features easy Click&Go logic that helps the customer to configure I/O monitoring conditions without programming.
• The ioLogik E2212's active messaging and built-in peer-to-peer mirroring functions make the monitoring system concise and efficient.
• The modular design of EDS-726 provides high flexibility in deploying different kinds of media according to field requirements, offering a cost-effective solution with maximum reliability.


ioLogik E2212
• Digital I/O combinations controllable by software
• Instant event reporting by TCP/UDP/e-mail/SNMP traps
• Easy-to-use Click&Go™ logic for local output control

• Modular design with 2 Gigabit plus 24 fast Ethernet ports for copper and fiber
• Gigabit Turbo Ring and RSTP/STP (IEEE802.1w/D) for Ethernet redundancy
• QoS, IGMP snooping/GMRP, VLAN, LACP, SNMP V1/V2c/V3, RMON supported
Note: The EDS-726 series has been upgraded to the EDS-728 series.


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