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Train Supervision Information System(TSIS) Upgrade for Taipei Metros

Location / Country : Taipei, Taiwan

Product Solutions:
ioPAC 8020 C/C++ Series

Rugged modular RTU controllers

Project Introduction

Modern train passengers are growing accustomed to an ever-improving level of service, so rail operators face constant pressure to improve their operational availability, reliability, safety and service quality—all while keeping costs down. The Taipei Metro operates a train line that has been in service for over 10 years, and the operator realized that it was time to upgrade the current training supervision information monitoring system in order to accommodate growing traffic and provide premium service. By employing IP-based technology, the operator can remotely monitor the train system status and receive early warnings of systems malfunctions.

System Requirements

The train supervision information system consists of two central control units (CUs) and multiple local control units (LUs). The CUs are located at the front and back of the train, and display all of the information collected from the LUs located in each train car. In this project, Moxa ioPAC 8020-Cs were deployed as the LUs. The ioPACs collect vital management, operations, and maintenance data on the train, including data about onboard signalling devices, train thrust, brakes, air conditioning, backup power, doors, and passenger information systems. All of these systems are monitored by onboard instruments, and then transmitted through 37.5 VDC outputs to the ioPACs. The ioPACs will detect an ON signal whenever there is any system malfunction, and automatically alert the CUs. Each of the LUs is connected in an Ethernet chain. So that one node failure does not take down an entire system, the CUs are redundant and the ioPAC’s Ethernet relay by-pass function is active. Even if one ioPAC fails, data can still be passed through to the CUs.In addition, because space comes at a premium inside a train car, it is important for the data acquisition devices to be as space-efficient as possible. The ioPAC is designed to easily expand for more Ethernet-based communication interfaces. In this application, the TSIS upgrade also included an upgrade to the passenger information system. The passenger information LED panels are connected through the ioPAC’s Ethernet modules to the control units located at the front of the train.

Moxa Solution

System Diagram

Why Moxa

  • -40 to 75°C operating temperature range
  • Redundant power inputs with additional AC/DC modules
  • Anti-vibration: EN 50155 and IEC 60571 compliant for rail applications
  • Modular design for versatile I/O module connectivity
  • 2 Ethernet M12 switch ports with relay bypass functionality
  • Front-end intelligence with C/C++ programming capability 



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Moxa’s solutions are deployed in major railway systems across Europe, the US, and Asia, and can be found in passenger information systems (PIS), automatic train control (ATC), automatic train operations (ATO), automatic train supervision (ATS), and CCTV systems. For more information, please click on the icon to download the railway success stories.


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