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Building Reliable Onboard IP CCTV Systems for City Trams in Hungary

Location / Country : Hungary

Product Solutions:
VPort P06HC-1MP-M12 Series

HD video image, square-type IP cameras for mobile surveillance

Project Introduction

Increases in population and greater emphasis on promoting tourism in cities around the world have greatly increased the importance of modern tram systems. Debrecen, Hungary, the second largest city in the country, recently initiated an aggressive public transportation improvement plan that called for 18 tram vehicles with a newly designed onboard IP CCTV system including a camera inside the car for passenger security, a camera in front of the trams for operational safety, a network video recorder for video recording, and a wireless AP for remote live view from the control center. A modern tram with a complete onboard IP CCTV system is expected to provide the city with an efficient and safe transportation system.

System Requirements

• A proven and reliable camera was needed to meet onboard conditions, including vibration, dust, and wide temperatures.
• The system needed EN 50155 compliant solutions
• Different cameras for different views on the tram
• Automatic IP address assignment and device configuration for IP devices (IP cameras, switches, intercoms, etc.)

Moxa Solution

• Moxa’s CCTV system is auto-configured at system boot-up, which speeds up commissioning of the system to only one day, compared to one week with the previous process
• Complete EN 50155 compliant solutions for IP cameras, switches, and wireless APs
• As a one-stop IP surveillance solution provider, Moxa guarantees properinteroperability of the various systems and can ensure that all products will be integrated properly with the customer’s environment
• System issues could be handled with effectiveness and without needing to deal with scope of responsibility issues, improving project management capability