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Rail Integrated Supervisory Control System

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:

x86 2U 19-inch high density 14 gigabit Ethernet rackmount computers with 6th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 CPU

Project Introduction

Multiple railway automation subsystems, such as PIS, PA, CCTV, PSD, Power SCADA, and ACS, have evolved to provide a safe and fast travel experience to passengers. An Integrated Supervisory Control System (ISCS) is used to manage all these subsystems. Operators at the train station use data from the ISCS to monitor and control rail operations. As more and more subsystems are integrated into the core rail system, increasing the complexity of the networks and communication interfaces, the use of ISCSs with front-end processors in rail automation systems is increasing.

System Requirements

• A reliable and easy-to-use platform that maximizes system uptime to ensure a safe and fast travel experience for passengers

• A solution that provides isolated LAN ports to connect to more than 10 independent subsystems, such as  Passenger Information System (PIS), Public Address (PA) system, CCTV surveillance, Platform Screen Door (PSD) systems, Power SCADA, and Access Control (ACS), for effortless system expansions

Moxa Solution

Moxa's DA-720 computer with its compliance with EN 50121-4 standards ensures stable and reliable system operation in rail applications. DA-720’s expandable serial interfaces and 14 gigabit Ethernet ports facilitate the integration of station subsystems, including AFC, PAS, PSD, and FAS, into a single platform.

DA-720 Rail Station ISCS Computer

Why Moxa

• Industrial-grade, fanless, and cableless design guarantees system longevity

• Compliance with EN 50121-4 standards for rail automation

• High density of ports and connection interfaces: Up to 22 Gigabit LAN and 10 serial ports

• Proactive Monitoring function in computers for effective management and maintenance


To learn more about the DA-720 computing platform, download the product brochure.