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Real-Time Information Convergence for Coal Mining Automation

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:
IKS-G6824 Series

24G-port Layer 3 full Gigabit managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction
Underground mines rely on real-time information systems to manage operators and ensure safety and productivity. In China, a major coal mining company harnessed the flexibility and capabilities of Moxa’s solutions to unify every level of their mining data systems into a single network which delivers real-time information on underground production and environmental conditions to an above-ground control center.

System Requirements
·         Layer 3 Gigabit backbone capacity for converged network stream of all collected data, voice, and video  communications
·         Built-in reliability features that will overcome harsh mining conditions, including fast network resilience, redundant power supply, and wide temperature tolerances.
·         Easy integration with complex subsystems, including underground SCADA control and monitoring, personnel positioning system, wireless communication, and CCTV surveillance systems.
·         Real-time alarm and event management

Moxa Solution



The original coal mine automation system was composed of widely distributed SCADA and CCTV surveillance systems hosted in both the aboveground control center and in underground mining sites. A powerful industrial Ethernet solution was deployed that included Gigabit performance, millisecond fast fault recovery, extreme temperature tolerance, and cost efficient cabling with the following Ethernet recipe:

·         To support the ground center, two layer 3 IKS-G6824 24-port full gigabit rack switches constructed a highly resilient ring network that converges data, voice and surveillance video from underground operations.
·         10 compact modular EDS-619 series Ethernet switches were set in explosion-proof cabinets to connect all the sub-systems, including distributed control and monitoring, personnel positioning, wireless communication and CCTV surveillance systems.
·         To consolidate a variety of different data communications onto the Ethernet network, an NE-4000T device server communicates with field-mounted control/monitoring and positioning devices to pack serial data into Ethernet frames. In addition, the AWK3121 wireless access point connects wireless and wired Ethernet communications on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands in rugged mining environments.
·         Thanks to MXview's visualization technology, the ground staff can easily manage the entire network through a intuitive graphical network topology display which shows the health and status of each connected node. MXview includes real-time alarms as well as historical analysis and event playback for improved troubleshooting. 

Why Moxa

·         The proven reliability of Moxa hardware delivers fanless operations, wide operating temperature range, and non-stop operations in harsh environments both aboveground and underground.
·         Turbo Chain technology enables 50ms recovery for Gigabit uplinks and 20ms recovery for fast Ethernet connections.
·         Wireless AP devices support long-distance data transfers and 100 ms Turbo Roaming
·         One-stop-shop networking solutions to integrate varied sub-system communications onto one Ethernet network.
·         Easy MXview network management using simple topology displays and intuitive controls.