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Enabling Active Alarms in Sewage Lift Station Monitoring Systems

Location / Country : USA

Product Solutions:
ioLogik E2210

Smart Ethernet Remote I/O with 12 DIs, 8 DOs

Project Introduction

A growing population produces more wastewater that needs to be collected and processed by water treatment plants before being released back into the environment. In water treatment systems that need to accommodate changes in elevation, sewage lift stations are used to pump wastewater from low-lying areas to higher ground. In the past, lift stations often lacked monitoring and alarm systems, which made it difficult for administrators to respond in time to system failures. Due to the critical role these establishments play in the wastewater treatment process, many lift stations in Texas have adopted Moxa's ioLogik E2210 series devices as their RTUs in setting up lift station alarm systems.

System Requirements

• Email or SMS alarm to maintenance engineers to quicken response to mechanical failures or potential wastewater overflows
• Constant status monitoring of the pump, float meters, flow meter, rainfall and security system over cellular networks
• Easy to use and configure to reduce deployment costs

Moxa Solution

The lift stations in Texas utilize the ioLogik E2210, an RTU unit with 8 digital inputs and 12 digital outputs, along with a GPRS IP router. First, the ioLogik E2210 is set to collect status reports for the lift station's pumps, power supply, and float. The GPRS IP router then reports all anomalies to a voicemail service that makes outbound calls to engineers for different alarm situations. In addition, the ioLogik E2210 actively sends the tracking records to the central SCADA system with its patent pending Active OPC Server tag update function. The ioLogik E2210 is also used to connect rain gauges and flow meters. By using the ioLogik's counter mechanism, engineers can track the rainfall intensity and wastewater flow speed for any potential flood alarms. To provide onsite security for lift stations, which are often remote and widespread, the ioLogik E2210s are connected to fire detectors and magnetic switches for intrusion alarms. All alarm signals are updated to the central SCADA so field engineers can receive email and voicemail notifications.


Why Moxa

  • Simple Click&Go™ setting requires no programming knowledge to set alarm thresholds
  • Patent pending Active OPC Server tags effortlessly update data to the central SCADA system
  • Active OPC Server applies push technology to enable data transmission in low bandwidth environments
  • Active alarm updates for real-time alerts and fast administrator response times