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Moxa and National Taiwan University Join Hands to Tackle Application Needs of Time-Sensitive Networking

Feb 26, 2019

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Brea, California, February 26, 2019—Moxa Inc., a leader in industrial communications and networking, today announced its collaboration with National Taiwan University (NTU), widely considered as Taiwan’s most prestigious university and at the forefront of many cutting-edge research efforts, to establish MOXA-NTU Networking Innovation Lab. This long-term collaborative research project will focus on the essential mechanism of time-sensitive networking (TSN) to facilitate deterministic messaging on standard Ethernet to guarantee delivery and minimize jitter, using time scheduling for those real-time applications that require determinism.

This industry-university cooperation is also expected to be a cradle of fostering talents, specializing in crucial technologies of future industrial networking. Furthermore, this collaboration aims to further advance the influence of academic research in networking and communications in industrial applications and to bring university students into the fold of the global application market of industrial networking and communications. 

“Partnering with an industry leader in industrial networking and communications such as Moxa to establish a collaborative laboratory that focuses on forward-looking research in promising networking technologies, such as TSN, serves as a catalyst for our research efforts, and helps us understand the crucial areas in the evolution of industrial networking technologies,” said Dr. Ai-Chun Pang, a professor at the Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia and Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTU. “The cooperation will demonstrate the influence of our research on the industry and also help our college students envision the developing landscape of the future industrial networking, which provides them many opportunities in their career development.”

“The drivers for business transformation brought by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 have made promising networking technologies extremely important for the next-generation industrial networking,” said Andy Cheng, president of Strategic Business Unit for Moxa. “TSN, a critical advancement for the current standard Ethernet, is expected to benefit a tremendous number of industries in the near future, and will become basic knowledge for engineers, technicians, and skilled workers. With more than 30 years of OT expertise in different use cases and know-how of tackling critical issues in the brownfield, we are uniquely positioned to partner with NTU to foster talents for the next-generation industrial networking, as well as to accelerate the development and implementation of versatile TSN-enabled solutions.”

By 2023, 20 billion devices instrumented with sensors, actuators, and embedded computing capabilities will be connected, according to the Ericsson Mobility Report (June 2018). A network is the important infrastructure that supports different application requirements and different deployment situations in a vast range of industry sectors and associated industry-specific applications steered by the IIoT and Industry 4.0. Taking this into consideration, a TSN network has become even more important as it enables interoperability among different networks and uniform mechanisms for synchronizing distributed clocks in the network. The market size for TSN solutions is expected to be significantly bigger than the current market for all industrial Ethernet solutions combined together.

* Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2018,

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