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Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Air

The head of WHO now refers to air pollution as “the new tobacco.” In most countries, industry accounts for more than half of the total emissions of some key air pollutants. Thus, many governments around the world have enacted legislation to control exhaust gas. Governments require factories to submit emissions data to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for monitoring purposes, and if a factory exceeds their emissions allowance, they will be fined. Many factories use a CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) to continuously monitor the total emissions volume of gaseous pollutants.

Considering the complexities of data transmission, Moxa provides manufacturers with a very reliable solution to ensure that data is not only complete, but that the network used to transmit the data is stable.




  • Companies are required to acquire emissions data continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to transmit data to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) every 15 minutes
  • Concern of being fined if false or incomplete data is sent to the EPA


  • Ensuring network availability: Moxa’s managed Ethernet switches paired with Moxa Turbo Ring and Port Trunking topologies to ensure a redundant network
  • Promising data completeness: The value-added Moxa I/O software, MX-AOPC UA, supplements missing data by requesting that ioLogik retransmit data to the central database


  • Ensure proper monitoring of smokestack emissions by smart solutions to improve the global air pollution problem
  • Eliminate factory owners’ worry about local data loss with double protection, ensuring higher system availability and data completeness around the clock

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