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A Safer and More Efficient City of Lancaster, Today and Tomorrow

To contain the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries, cities, and communities have shelter-in-place orders to reduce the spread of the virus. However, critical transportation must continue to run for the city to maintain basic operations. For example, health care workers still need to commute to where they are needed.

With the Traffic Management Center (TMC) connected through a new fiber infrastructure, the City of Lancaster now has access to valuable data and can monitor operations and remotely address issues without needing to send technicians out to check and fix the problem.




  • Aging infrastructure was unavailable for connected central control
  • Harsh environments affected the reliability of the traffic signal system
  • High maintenance costs due to inefficient maintenance operations


  • Hardened-grade switches ensure the network is stable and has enough bandwidth for reliable data transmission
  • MXview network management software enables operators to easily configure, monitor, and diagnose a network remotely from a central location


  • Enabled real-time monitoring of the traffic system through reliable fiber optic communications
  • Improved response times for completing any necessary repairs while minimizing inconvenience to the public
  • Reduced the need for human intervention by 67%

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