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Smarter Shop Floor with Cloud-Based Monitoring

With their 5-axis CNC machines already running 24 hours a day up to 7 days a week, Tech Manufacturing, looked towards smarter operation and real-time performance data to increase the productivity and useful life of their existing machines.

“We needed a better understanding of how our machines were actually performing for us in real-time. Live and historical machine performance data would also help us identify technical or process issues that were detrimental to productivity,” said Jerry Halley, Chief Engineer of Tech Manufacturing.




  • Live dashboard with alerts based on historical and target performance metrics
  • Easy to use with existing CNC machines that may not have a built-in Ethernet interface
  • Does not require investment or expertise in specialized IT infrastructure, servers, or software
  • Knowledgeable and experienced integration and vendor support team


  • Data collection from CNC machines, PLCs, or manual machines
  • Collect from Ethernet or RS-232-based devices
  • Track multiple types of cycle time
  • Real-time equipment dashboard with automatic updating
  • Designed and built to evolve, integrate, and grow


  • Setup completed in less than a day
  • No additional IT infrastructure or maintenance effort
  • Visual dashboard with rich performance data on each cell and machine
  • Significantly improved productivity

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