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Wiring Kits

Wiring kits for Moxa products

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Features and Benefits

  • RJ45-to-DB9 adapter
  • Easy-to-wire screw-type terminals
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Wiring kits with screw-type terminals are designed for use in industrial environments. In particular, the RJ45-to-DB9 adapter model make it easy to convert a DB9 connector to an RJ45 connector.

  • Description

    TB-M9: DB9 (male) DIN-rail wiring terminal
    ADP-RJ458P-DB9M: RJ45 to DB9 (male) adapter
    Mini DB9F-to-TB: DB9 (female) to terminal block adapter
    TB-F9: DB9 (female) DIN-rail wiring terminal
    A-ADP-RJ458P-DB9F-ABC01: RJ45 to DB9 (female) adapter
    TB-M25: DB25 (male) DIN-rail wiring terminal
    ADP-RJ458P-DB9F: RJ45 to DB9 (female) adapter
    TB-F25: DB9 (female) DIN-rail wiring terminal

  • Wiring

    Serial cable, 24 to 12 AWG

  • Input Voltage

    < 25 VDC for serial data transmission

  • Connector

    ADP-RJ458P-DB9F: DB9 (female)
    TB-M25: DB25 (male)
    A-ADP-RJ458P-DB9F-ABC01: DB9 (female)
    ADP-RJ458P-DB9M: DB9 (male)
    TB-F9: DB9 (female)
    TB-M9: DB9 (male)
    Mini DB9F-to-TB: DB9 (female)
    TB-F25: DB25 (female)

  • Operating Temperature

    TB-M9, TB-F9, TB-M25, TB-F25: -40 to 105°C (-40 to 221°F)
    Mini DB9F-to-TB, A-ADP-RJ458P-DB9-ABC01: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
    ADP-RJ458P-DB9M, ADP-RJ458P-DB9F: -15 to 70°C (5 to 158°F)

Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for Wiring Kits
1.5 MB
Datasheet v1.2 Feb 23, 2024 Feb 23, 2024

Available Models (8)

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moxa-adp-rj458p-db9f-image.jpg | MoxaADP-RJ458P-DB9Fmoxa-a-adp-rj458p-db9f-abc01-image.jpg | MoxaA-ADP-RJ458P-DB9F-ABC01moxa-tb-m9-image.jpg | MoxaTB-M9moxa-tb-m25-image.jpg | MoxaTB-M25
DescriptionDB9 female to RJ45 connectorDB9 female to RJ45 connector for the ABC-01 SeriesDB9 male DIN-rail wiring terminalDB25 male DIN-rail wiring terminal
ConnectorDB9 (female)DB9 (female)DB9 (male)DB25 (male)
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moxa-adp-rj458p-db9m-image.jpg | MoxaADP-RJ458P-DB9Mmoxa-tb-f25-image.jpg | MoxaTB-F25moxa-mini-db9f-to-tb-image.jpg | MoxaMini DB9F-to-TBmoxa-tb-f9-image.jpg | MoxaTB-F9
DescriptionRJ45 to DB9 male connectorDB25 female DIN-rail wiring terminalDB9 female to terminal block connectorDB9 female DIN-rail wiring terminal
ConnectorDB9 (male)DB25 (female)DB9 (female)DB9 (female)
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