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Moxa Remote Connect Suite

Remote connection management platform for secure remote access

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Features and Benefits

  • Security with embedded firewall and whitelist remote access control
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Support for point-to-point VPN connection to increase efficiency For MRC Quick Link Ultra only
  • Auto virtual IP mapping eliminates the need for field IP management
  • Transparent tunnels suitable for existing software tools
  • Flexibility for defining the relation between remote connections For MRC Quick Link Ultra only
  • Max. 3000 nodes (gateway and client) with support for 300 concurrent connected nodes More nodes by request
  • 3 years of free basic usage (5 concurrent connected node and 5 GB per month) for quick launch your operations Register by the S/N of Moxa gateway
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Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) is an easy-to-use, secure, and versatile networking solution designed to seamlessly bridge field devices, engineers, and application servers together over the Internet for industrial applications. The solution combines MRC Server, MRC Gateway, and MRC Client. The MRC Server is a connection management platform that determines how the MRC Gateways and MRC Clients are related. The MRC Gateway is a secure gateway that connects Ethernet-ready devices at remote sites to the MRC Client. The MRC Client is a software tool that allows engineers to choose which remote device to connect to from a user’s laptop. Another benefit of the MRC Server is that it gives administrators a lot of control over the remote connection including during which periods of time it can be accessed and the kind of features that are available.

Meanwhile, MRC Quick Link, a remote connection service hosted by Moxa, minimizes maintenance efforts and allows users to focus more on their business.

Featured Highlights

  • Machine access is fully controlled by machine operators for on-demand maintenance service

  • An embedded firewall allows remote access under whitelist control without disrupting local networks at field sites

  • VPN knowledge is not required to deploy the solution

  • Plug & play operation makes it easy to get up and running

  • Supports existing IT cybersecurity policies

  • Less effort is required from your IT engineers

  • Changes to network configurations are not required at field sites

  • Connect with multiple field machines simultaneously via a virtual IP mapping scheme

User Scenarios

The MRC Suite supports multiple connection types and provides numerous benefits. Below are three examples where the Moxa Remote Connect Suite can benefit engineers and businesses.

  • On-demand Remote Maintenance, Diagnosis, and Troubleshooting

  • Remote Monitoring Minimizes Onsite Maintenance

  • LAN-like and site-to-site Secure Network Infrastructure

Secure Remote Connect

  • Operating System

    Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • OnCell Products

    MRC Quick Link Ultra and MRC Client v4.0.0:
    OnCell 3120 (HW Rev 2.0.0; firmware v2.2.0 and higher)
    OnCell G4302 (firmware v3.9.0 and higher)

  • MRC Products

    MRC Quick Link and MRC Client v3.3.0:
    MRC-1002 gateway

Software, Firmware, and Drivers


Name Type Checksum Version Operating System Release Date
Software Package for Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC Client for MRC Quick Link Ultra)
40.6 MB
Software Package
  • Windows 10
Jun 04, 2024 Jun 04, 2024 Release notes
Software Package for Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC Client SW)
21.4 MB
Software Package
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
Sep 17, 2022 Sep 17, 2022 Release notes
Firmware for Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC-1002 Series)
34.7 MB
Sep 17, 2022 Sep 17, 2022 Release notes

Support Documents

Name Type Version Release Date
Datasheet for Moxa Remote Connect Suite
1.4 MB
Datasheet v2.1 Jun 19, 2024 Jun 19, 2024
Manual for Moxa Software License Portal
3.7 MB
Manual v1.0 Jul 14, 2021 Jul 14, 2021
QIG for Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC-1002 Series)
730.4 KB
QIG v3.1 Apr 27, 2021 Apr 27, 2021
2D CAD for Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC-1002-LTE-JP_EU)
2.7 MB
2D CAD Jul 09, 2019 Jul 09, 2019
Manual for Moxa Remote Connect Suite (MRC-1002 Series)
4.9 MB
Manual v1.0 Jan 09, 2018 Jan 09, 2018

Available Models (8)

Show Images
moxa-mrc-1002-lte-jp-image.jpg | MoxaMRC-1002-LTE-JPmoxa-mrc-1002-lte-eu-image.jpg | MoxaMRC-1002-LTE-EUmoxa-mrc-1002-lte-eu-t-image.jpg | MoxaMRC-1002-LTE-EU-Tmoxa-mrc-1002-lte-jp-t-image.jpg | MoxaMRC-1002-LTE-JP-T
10/100BaseT(X) RJ45
Ethernet Ports
LTE CellularVVVV
Operating Temp.-10 to 60°C-10 to 60°C-30 to 70°C-30 to 70°C
MRC Quick Link Add-on License----
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moxa-mrc-1002-lte-us-t-image.jpg | MoxaMRC-1002-LTE-US-TLIC-MRCQL-ADD-1Y-XGB-SRmoxa-mrc-1002-t-image.jpg | MoxaMRC-1002-TLIC-MRCQL-ADD-1Y-XN-SR
10/100BaseT(X) RJ45
Ethernet Ports
LTE CellularV---
Operating Temp.-40 to 70°C-40 to 75°C-
MRC Quick Link Add-on License-1-year customizable monthly data traffic (min. 1 GB)-1-year customizable node quantity (min. 1 node; for MRC Quick Link Ultra only)
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Extend your industrial applications over secure remote connections with ease-of-use, hardened security and connectivity flexibility

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