Security Management

As ICS networks keep expanding and more networks continue to converge, it is important to understand the benefits of the defense-in-depth approach when designing security architecture. However, having cybersecurity building blocks deployed in an ICS network is not sufficient to completely protect critical assets from unauthorized access. According to a report published by ICS-CERT, a sound security management model should include the following stages:

  • Identify and secure network connections in the ICS
  • Harden network devices
  • Manage the human factor
  • Continually monitor and assess the network's security status
  • Respond to incidents and get networks back to normal operation quickly

Those with malicious intent can still access the secure network if individuals who use the ICS network do not adhere to the security management model. In order to guarantee that the network has not been compromised, check if the ICS network is following the management principles and ensure that all users have read the guidelines to ensure a more secure ICS network.

MXconfig’s Security Wizard Saves You Time and Effort for Security-Related Parameter Setup

User-Friendly Security Management

  • Security Status at a Glance

    MXview's Security View visualizes the security parameters of your network devices and shows their status on a single page.

  • Security Setup in 3 Steps

    MXconfig helps you configure your network to meet established industrial standards in just three steps.

  • Fast Security Monitoring

    MXview and MXconfig tools help both general industrial users and security experts efficiently manage device security levels on their networks.