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How do I check the status of the Ethernet interfaces using SNMP in EDR-G902 and EDR-G903?


You can poll the status of each Ethernet interface via SNMP requests. The details of the OIDs corresponding to the Ethernet interfaces are given below:

EDR-903 Series

The EDR-903 MIB contains seven IfOperStatus OIDs. You can check the port status using the read-only OIDs IfOperStatus.5 to IfOperStatus.7 ( to . as follows:

  • IfOperStatus.5 = LAN port
  • IfOperStatus.6 = WAN2 port
  • IfOperStatus.7 = WAN1 port

The values indicate the following status:

  • Value 1 = up
  • Value 2 = downThe the IfOperStatus for the OD is 1 or “up”, it means that the PC is connected to the LAN RJ45 port and the port is enabled.

    EDR-G902 Series

    For the EDR-G902, you can check the OIDs IfOperStatus.5 to IfOperStatus.6 ( to . as follows:

  • IfOperStatus.5 = LAN port
  • IfOperStatus.6 = WAN port


Monitoring Updates to the IfOperStatus Values

A network management software (NMS) can be used to periodically get updates on the status of a switch. The periodicity varies for each NMS; it is 60 secs in the case of MXview. To continuously monitor the status of network devices, enable the SNMP trap service.

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