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The Ignition Edge license on my UC-8200 is deactivated when the unit reboots. How do I fix this?

This issue is seen when users try to separately install Ignition Edge on the overlay file system of the UC-8200 Series.


You can fix this issue by applying a patch to the firmware on the UC-8200 or by reloading our Ignition Onboard disk image on to the unit.

Option 1: Apply a Patch to the unit

To patch the firmware on your UC-8200 Series, install the following two deb packages :

Software Package Name Download Link Applicable Models
Kernel packagefor installing Ignition Edge on Firmware for UC-8200 Series v1.3 UC-8210-T-LX-S
Kernel module packagefor installing Ignition Edge on Firmware for UC-8200 Series v1.3

After you install the two deb packages and reboot the unit, the Ignition Edge license will be retained for all future reboots and power offs of the unit.
NOTE: The current software packages are applicable only to the UC-8200 Series firmware v1.3 . The packages will be updated when a new firmware version is released.

Option 2: Reload the Ignition Edge Onboard image

Download the latest Ignition Edge Onboard image for the UC-8200 unit.

Firmware Description Link Applicable Models
Ignition Edge v8.1.7
ThingsPro Edge v2.2.0
Please contact a Moxa sales representative for the firmware image UC-8210-T-LX-S

To reload the image, refer to the instructions in the UC-8200 User’s Manual for Debian 9, Chapter 6 System Boot Up, Recovery, and Update:

NOTE: Reloading the image will delete all data and projects saved on the unit.

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