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MXsecurity Command Injection and Hardcoded Credential Vulnerabilities

CVE-2023-33235 (ZDI-CAN-19895)
A vulnerability has been reported in the SSH CLI program, which can be exploited by attackers who have gained authorization privileges. The attackers can break out of the restricted shell and subsequently execute arbitrary code.

CVE-2023-33236 (ZDI-CAN-19896)
A vulnerability has been reported that can be exploited to craft arbitrary JWT tokens and subsequently bypass authentication for web-based APIs.

The identified vulnerability types and potential impacts are shown below:

Item Vulnerability Type Impact
Improper Neutralization of Special Elements Used in a Command ('Command Injection') (CWE-77)
CVE-2023-33235 (ZDI-CAN-19895)
An attacker located remotely who has gained authorization privileges can execute arbitrary commands on the device.
Use of Hard-coded Credentials (CWE-798)
CVE-2023-33236 (ZDI-CAN-19896)
An attacker may be able to bypass authentication for web-based APIs.

Affected Products:

The affected products and firmware versions are shown below.

Product Series Affected Versions
MXsecurity Series Software v1.0



Moxa has developed appropriate solutions to address the vulnerabilities. The solutions for affected products are shown below.

Product Series Solutions
MXsecurity Series Please upgrade to software v1.0.1 or higher.



We would like to express our appreciation to Simon Janz (@esj4y) in ZDI for reporting the vulnerability, working with us to help enhance the security of our products, and helping us provide a better service to our customers.


Revision History:

1.0 First Release March 8, 2023
1.1 Add CVE May 23, 2023
1.2 Add links to ICSA and ZDI May 29, 2023

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