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Repair & Warranty

RMA Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I check the warranty status of my product?

You can check the warranty status of your product on the Warranty Check page by entering the serial number or the MAC address of your product.

2.How do I apply for an RMA request online?

For step-by-step instructions on how to apply for RMA services online, refer to the RMA process instructions.

3.What is the repair turnaround time for RMA requests?

The turnaround time for diagnosis, repair, and return of an RMA product can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. Contact your Moxa Service Center for an estimate of the current turnaround time.

4.Will Moxa provide a replacement for an RMA product before it is received at the Service Center?

Moxa Service Centers only provide product repair services and will not be able to provide an early replacement for RMA products.

5.Will Moxa cover the shipping costs when Customers return their RMA product to Moxa?

Customers are responsible for the shipping costs incurred when they send their RMA product to Moxa. Once the product is repaired, Moxa will pay the return shipping costs only for products covered by warranty. If a product is outside of the warranty period, the Customer will be responsible for the shipping costs.

6.How does Moxa charge for warranty and out-of-warranty repairs?

Once the Customer authorizes Moxa to repair the defective product, the total charges will be calculated as per the following table:

RMA Product   Within Warranty* Outside Warranty
Shipping Costs To a Moxa Service Center Customer/Distributor Customer/Distributor
From a Moxa Service Center to the Customer/Distributor Covered by Moxa Customer/Distributor
Note: If the Customer does not want Moxa’s repair service, Moxa will either return the defective product to the Customer or scrap the product locally, based on the Customer’s decision.
Inspection Fee   No fee Customer/Distributor
Repair Fees and Parts   No fee Customer/Distributor
Note: Once the Customer agrees to a product inspection, Moxa will inspect the product, send a quote for the total repair cost, and will wait for the Customer’s approval. Moxa will charge for repair of products where the warranty period has expired, or have damage that is excluded from the warranty coverage.

*Products within the warranty period as specified in Moxa’s warranty policy and have not been excluded under any of the conditions specified in the “Warranty Exclusions” section of the warranty policy.

7.Can a Customer/Distributor repair a Moxa product?

No, Moxa does not authorize Customers or Distributors to repair Moxa products. Any unauthorized repair of a product will void the product warranty.

8.Can an end user apply for an RMA request on their own without help from a Distributor?

Yes, end users can apply for an RMA request through Moxa’s website. Please visit our Product Repair Service/RMA page.

9.What is Moxa’s warranty period for repaired products and replacement products?

Repaired products and replacement products come with a 3-month warranty from the date of repair or replacement, or for the remainder of the original warranty period, whichever is longer.

10.How do I extend the warranty coverage of my product?

For large-order projects, Customers may purchase a post-warranty repair service. However, some products may have a shorter chipset life cycle, or some parts may have a limited warranty period from the original supplier of the parts. Please contact your local sales representative if you would like to avail this service.

11.Should I include accessories attached to the product when I send my product to the Service Center?

Do not send product accessories unless they are defective or they are the source of the problem. If you would like to send us product accessories, please follow the RMA process and obtain a RMA case number before shipping the accessories to a Moxa Service Center.

12.Are accessories covered under the warranty policy of a product?

The warranty period for accessories/peripherals is listed in the Warranty Policy. The warranty coverage for accessories, such as hard drives and solid state drives, which do not carry the Moxa brand name, is limited to and based on the warranty coverage provided by their original manufacturer.

13.How do I buy replacement/additional accessories?

Customers/Distributors should directly contact Moxa’s sales department to place orders for replacement/additional accessories that they require for their products.

14.How do I track the status of my RMA request(s)?

Sign in into your My Moxa account and click on the My RMA link under My Moxa to track the status of your RMA request(s).

Still need help? Contact your regional Moxa office:

  • Customers in North and South America, please contact Moxa USA.
  • Customers in China, Hong Kong, and Macau, please contact Moxa China.
  • Customers in other locations, please contact Moxa Headquarters.

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