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Water & Wastewater
Reliable Water & Wastewater Network Services Provide Instant Connectivity
Since water and wastewater treatment plants occupy a large area, the distributed PLCs that collect information from the large variety of devices at remote sites must be able to communicate with the central SCADA system over long distances. The non-stop nature of water plants also requires that the network system be redundant and rugged enough to ensure continuous operations and prevent accidents. Moreover, the real-time surveillance systems that monitor the safety of the entire plant rely on a high-performance network, ideally one powered by Gigabit technology. Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches provide ruggedness, high MTBF, multiple fiber capability, redundant Gigabit Ethernet transmission, and are able to fulfill the exacting demands of water and wastewater applications.
Network Architecture
Network Requirements
Long data transmission range
  Water and wastewater treatment plants are large, sprawling facilities. Fiber optics are required to transmit data over long distances throughout the water and wastewater treatment plant, while still offering flexibility, immunity to EMI and RFI, and cost-effectiveness.
IGMP snooping to manage multicast communication traffic
  To minimize the traffic from the industrial field bus protocols-such as EtherNet/IP, Profibus, and HSE Fieldbus-used in water applications, the networking product should support IGMP snooping with multicast filtering or pruning. This directs the traffic only to the required destinations, which reduces the amount of traffic on the Ethernet LAN.
Devices with conformal coating for excellent contaminant resistances
  Protective conformal coating on PCB and other electronic circuitry isolates components from contaminants such as water, moisture, dust, vibration, and shock that pervade the harsh environment of water and wastewater plants. Industrial networking products with conformal coating have improved performance and MTBF, and ensure network security and reliability.
Media and power redundancy to enhance system resiliency and maintain uninterrupted transmissions
  Media and power redundancy ensure uninterrupted network performance, even when network faults or power failures occur.
Sufficient bandwidth for real-time security surveillance
  Video surveillance systems allow visual management, immediate control, and safe monitoring of unmanned water operations. A Gigabit networking backbone is essential to provide enough bandwidth to efficiently transfer real-time data, video, and voice data.
Moxa Solutions
Flexible network planning solutions with high-density fiber connectivity
  Moxa's modular Ethernet switches, the EDS-728 and the EDS-600 series, are ideal for water and wastewater applications where multi-fiber communications are critical. Due to the modularity of these Ethernet switches, users can choose from various combinations of fast fiber Ethernet media modules for greater configuration flexibility and ideal long-haul transmissions between remote sites.
Advanced network protocols for efficient network communications
  Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches support many advanced network technologies: IGMP snooping, which optimizes bandwidth use by directing the data only to required destinations, VLAN, which eases network planning, QoS, which increases traffic determinism, Modbus/TCP, for integration with SCADA/HMI systems, and SNMPv3, which provides secure network management. Click here to learn more about Moxa's network management features.
Conformal coating service offered for enhanced long-term reliability
  Conformal coating service is available on Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches to ensure high MTBF and superior humidity protection of electronic components exposed to harsh water and wastewater environments where damage from liquids and fumes is a concern.
Network and power input redundancy for high network availability
  Moxa's managed Ethernet switches come equipped with Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain network redundancy technology (recovery time < 20 ms) to ensure uninterrupted system operations. Turbo Ring supports multiple ring functions, such as ring coupling, dual homing, and dual ring, and Turbo Chain allows the flexible creation of any number of complex redundant networks. In addition to media redundancy, all of Moxa's switches have redundant power inputs to allow continuous operations even during power interruptions.
Gigabit solutions enable high levels of data transmission
  Moxa's Gigabit managed Ethernet switch solutions can be used to form strong Gigabit backbones with high-bandwidth performance for real-time video, voice, and data transmission throughout a water plant. Together with a Gigabit fault-tolerant ring function, these Gigabit Ethernet switches are reliable and powerful solutions for deployment in mission-critical environments.