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White Papers
Using Redundant Wireless for Reliable Heavy Industry Automation Applications
  Wireless communications can dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of heavy industrial facilities. Advanced redundant wireless technologies ensure the reliability of wireless communications for these demanding applications by addressing every possible source of packet loss.
Dual RF Wireless Redundancy
  According a recent VDC report, more than 40% of wireless users are concerned about interference, and this issue is even more important for industrial and critical applications. Interference normally occurs at a particular frequency, so if we can use two or more different frequencies to communicate at the same time, data transmission will continue even if there is interference on one of the frequencies. This paper will explain traditional single-RF (single radio frequency) and dual-RF (dual radio frequency) wireless architectures.
High Speed Roaming for Better Mobility
  Is slow roaming speed between your mobile network’s access points hindering your industrial application’s performance? If so, then high speed roaming may be the solution you’re looking for. In this paper, we discuss two ways to give your roaming speed an extra boost by unlocking the power of high speed roaming for mobile applications.
Site Planning and Wireless Network Installation
  Wireless networks have become increasingly popular due to the greater convenience, mobility, and deployment options they offer. However, wireless networks also require a great deal more planning than wired networks that are generally straightforward to install.
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