Superior Image Quality

Moxa's products support image quality enhancement and intelligent video analysis (IVA) functions and video streaming optimization technology for optimizing video image quality in many different environments.

Optimzed Video Streaming Technology for Better Image Quality

IP surveillance systems must manage video streaming carefully to achieve the right balance of video quality and network performance. Moxa’s IP video solutions use versatile video streaming optimization technology that adapts to different network conditions.

DynaStream™ for System and Network Efficiency

Moxa’s breakthrough DynaStream™ technology, which is included with all VPort series products, adjusts the video frame rate in response to varying network conditions. Whenever DynaStream™ detects an event such as a network traffic jam, the system can automatically reduce all of the VPorts’ frame rates to conserve network resources. When DynaStream™ detects an event such as a DI alarm, it can automatically increase video quality in response by increasing the frame rate. This is done with CGI commands, SNMP, or Modbus/TCP. DynaStream™ is extremely flexible. Not only can it change system resources and network bandwidth so that critical data systems can maintain Quality of Service (QoS), in addition it can guarantee that system performance will not be impacted by video streams.

Multiple Video Streams for Versatile Applications

Different applications, such as live viewing, video recording, and image analysis, may have different video performance requirements. For this reason, Moxa’s VPort products provide multiple video streams, with each one customizable for different application requirements.

CBR Pro™ for Better Image Quality with Limited Bandwidth

CBR Pro™ is an advanced bit rate flow control technology that limits the transmission bit rate based on a user’s network bandwidth. This function is designed to secure the video stream transmission to provide better image quality by eliminating the dropped packets that occur when the peak bit rate exceeds the bit rate allowed by the network bandwidth.

Minimize Network Bandwidth Consumption with Distributed Video Recording

Moxa provides a distributed network video recording (NVR) solution to decentralize video storage and reduce network bandwidth demands. Instead of transmitting all recorded videos to the control center, the system uses scalable NVR products at field sites for video data storage. With this distributed approach network resources are conserved, since only video data that is actually needed will be transmitted over the network. NVR, SCADA, and Center Management System (CMS) engineers can all benefit by being able to view live video feeds or playback recorded video, while leaving more bandwidth available and improving surveillance efficiency.