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Moxa Remote Connect

Remote connection management platform for secure remote access

Features and Benefits 

  • Security with embedded firewall and whitelist remote access control
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Auto virtual IP mapping eliminates the need for field IP management
  • Transparent tunnels suitable for existing software tools
  • Flexibility for defining the relation between remote connections


Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) is an easy-to-use, secure, and versatile networking solution designed to seamlessly bridge field devices, engineers, and application servers together over the Internet for industrial applications. The solution combines MRC Server, MRC Gateway, and MRC Client. MRC Server is a connection management platform that determines how the MRC Gateways and MRC Clients are related. The MRC Gateway is a secure gateway that connects Ethernet-ready devices to MRC server portals. MRC Client is a software tool for connecting an engineer’s laptop to the MRC server portal. MRC Server administrator manages all of these connections through a secure HTTPS web console.













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User Scenarios

The MRC solution supports a variety of connection relations, including 1-to-1 connections, multiple-to-multiple connections, and LAN-like site-to-site
networking infrastructures.




MRC Software Specifications
MRC Server Software
Amazon AWS EC2 Supports Amazon AWS EC2 service (can be downloaded from the Amazon AWS Marketplace)
Licensing Apply for an MRC Server License from Moxa's channels before activating your software portal
MRC Client Software
Operating Systems Supports Windows-based computers running Windows 7/8/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Note The MRC Client Software can be downloaded from Moxa's website.
MRC Gateway Specifications
RJ45 Ethernet Ports 2, 10/100BaseT(X) auto negotiation speed
USB Host Port USB 2.0 compliance
LED Indicators USB, Power, Internet, Cloud, Key, Cellular Signal
Digital Input • +13 to +30 V for state “1”; -30 to +3 V for state “0”
• Max. input current: 8 mA
Relay Output • One relay output with current-carrying capacity of 1 A @ 24 VDC
Cellular Interface
Cellular Antenna Connectors 2, SMA (female), MIMO for LTE, antenna diversity for WCDMA
Band Options • B2 (1900 MHz) / B4 (AWS) / B5 (850 MHz) / B13 (700 MHz) / B17 (700 MHz) / B25 (1900 MHz)
• UMTS/HSPA 2100/1900/AWS/850/900 MHz
• Universal quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
LTE Data Rate • 20 MHz bandwidth: 100 Mbps DL, 50 Mbps UL
• 10 MHz bandwidth: 50 Mbps DL, 25 Mbps UL
HSPA Data Rate 42 Mbps DL, 5.76 Mbps UL (Category 24, 6)
EDGE Data Rate 237 kbps DL, 237 kbps UL (Class 10, 12)
GPRS Data Rate 85.6 kbps DL, 42.8 kbps UL
Power Requirements
Input Voltage 12 to 36 VDC (3-pin terminal block, V+, V-, SG)
Input Current 0.62 A (max.) @ 12 VDC
Power Consumption 7.44 W (with cellular module)
Physical Characteristics
Housing Metal
Dimensions 101 x 27 x 128 mm (3.98 x 1.06 x 5.04 in)
Weight MRC-1002-T: 425 g (0.94 lb)
MRC-1002-LTE-US-T: 470 g (1.04 lb)
Standards and Certifications
Safety UL 61010-2-201
EMI FCC Part 15B Class A
EMC EN 55032/24, EN 61000-6-2/6-4
EMS IEC 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/8
Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Free Fall IEC 60068-2-32
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
MTBF (mean time between failures)
Time MRC-1002-T: 954,531 hours
MRC-1002-LTE-US-T: 561,262 hours
Standard Telcordia (Bellcore) Standard TR/SR
Warranty Period 5 years
Details See www.moxa.com/warranty

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Available Models

  Model No. Description
MRC-1002-T Moxa Remote Connect gateway with 2 Ethernet ports, -40 to 75°C operating temperature
MRC-1002-LTE-US-T Moxa Remote Connect gateway with 1 LTE cellular port and 2 Ethernet ports, -40 to 70°C operating temperature
MRC-Server License License to activate the user-hosted Moxa Remote Connect server; supports 10 concurrent online nodes
MRC-Server Node 25 License for adding 25 additional concurrent online nodes
MRC-Server Node 100 License for adding 100 additional concurrent online nodes

Moxa Remote Connect: An easy, secure and flexible remote access solution 

To learn more about Moxa Remote Connect, visit https://www.moxa.com/event/industrial-ethernet/moxa-remote-connect/index.htm


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