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Get Precise and Clear Plans for Your Networking Systems

In 25 years of developing products and delivering solutions, Moxa has found that there is no one-size-fits-all standard recipe for success for sophisticated industrial networks. Our Professional Industrial Network Service (PiNS) was created with a core team of senior engineering staff with the professional experience and passion to provide collaborative consulting services that optimize solutions for sophisticated industrial networks.

PiNS experts know how to tailor industrial network products for your business, and offer precise and clear plans that optimize your industrial networks by using the standards, protocols, and resilient technology built into your network architecture. Moxa’s global team delivers detailed design and planning assistance to ensure that your network can meet all requirements with optimal performance and industry-proven reliability.

Moxa’s Professional Industrial Network Service (PiNS)

Network Design and Consulting
Optimization and Configuration Review
Product Training
Technical Support
PiNS Success Story

Integrated Video Surveillance System for a Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant is a critical facility that requires a high-level security system. To ensure the operational reliability and safety of the plant, our PiNS experts rolled out a plan to build an IVMS (integrated video management software) system.

This IVMS system, which includes Moxa’s VPort series video encoders and rugged Ethernet switches, allows nuclear power plant administrators to combine surveillance, alarms, and assessment functions in a single platform. The integrated solution made risk and safety management easier and more efficient.