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Question EDR-810 Industrial Secure Router Vulnerabilities
Question Type Security Advisory
Updated 10/5/2018 3:52:49 PM
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Products EDR-810 Series


Version: 1.0
Reference: CVE-2018-16282

A product vulnerability has been identified in Moxa’s EDR- 810 Series. In response to this, Moxa has developed a solution to address the vulnerability.

The identified vulnerability types and possible impact are shown below:

Item Vulnerability Type Impact
1 A command injection vulnerability in the web server function The application allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands with root privilege via the CA name parameter to the /xml/net_WebCADELETEGetValue URI.

Affected Products and Solutions

* Affected Products
EDR- 810 Series with Firmware V4.2 build 18041013 or prior

* Solutions
Moxa has addressed this vulnerability with new firmware release for the EDR- 810 Series. You can download the new firmware here.

Revision History

Version Description Release Date
1.0 First release September 21, 2018

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