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System View Design

System View Design for Total Functionality

Every Moxa industrial computer is the product of a cooperative design process by an integrated engineering team, including specialists in hardware, software, thermal management, mechanical design, and testing. The result is an optimized platform. Instead of simply following the basic reference design and putting the latest chipsets in a box, Moxa uses solution-focused thinking: how to design and manufacture a reliable, rugged industrial computer while getting the most out of the customer’s investment and reducing total cost of ownership. Moxa’s industrial grade computers are all based on this “System View” design. We do not simply assemble boards, chassis, fan and battery together in a box.

Balanced Design of the Whole Computer System

An industrial embedded system includes the CPU and many other components—RAM, power modules, and multiple networking communication interfaces—that must all be carefully selected to work optimally together. Unlike other vendors’ products, Moxa’s industrial computers are designed with a longer lifecycle in mind. After Moxa’s product management team confirms the preliminary specification, the hardware R&D team collaborates with teams specializing in mechanical engineering, thermal mechanical engineering, and software to create a balanced and optimal design for the whole computer system.

Cross-Functional Team Design

Moxa’s System View design may require us to invest more time and resources than other industrial computer manufacturers, but providing the most reliable industrial computing solutions, that help our customers optimize their operations and reduce total cost of ownership, is a challenge we cannot refuse. During the System View design process, Moxa also develops innovative new technologies to create a rugged, reliable product, and ensure the best user experience.

Global Reference

Monitoring and communication gateway of solar power system, USA

0.14% RMA rate

21,475 units shipped
30 RMA units

Edge communication computer for public safety application, USA

0.92% RMA rate

8,597 units shipped
79 RMA units

DNV certified navigation computer for maritime bridge ECDIS system, Europe

1.39% RMA rate

1,728 units shipped
24 RMA units


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