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Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) Automation

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:
OnCell G3111/OnCell G3151/OnCell G3211/OnCell G3251

Compact quad-band GSM/GPRS IP gateways

Project Introduction

Since power plants are often located far from the population centers they serve, electricity needs to be transmitted across long distances at a high voltage. Power lines deliver electricity from the plant to power substations, where it is converted to a lower voltage before being distributed to the local community by feeder terminal units (FTU) that monitor I/O statuses by collecting and processing digital and analog data at each site. Due to safety concerns, an electric power utility company in Taiwan divided its power grid into several districts. Each district consisted of several neighboring FTUs that are connected in a ring topology and automatically monitored by a feeder remote terminal unit (FRTU). Should any of the FTUs short circuit, the feeder RTU must be able to isolate that particular FTU from the other FTUs.

System Requirements

• An IP-based solution is required to enable TCP/IP communications and integration.

• Self-healing technology required for prompt recovery of monitoring network.

Moxa Solution

Each FTU is constantly transmitting parameters, such as the fluctuating levels of electricity, to the local feeder RTU for that district. In cases where it is impractical or too costly to use wired connections between the FTUs and feeder RTU, Moxa’s OnCell G3111 industrial IP gateway can be installed on an FTU to connect it to the RTU over cellular networks. By taking advantage of the OnCell G3111’s ability to connect with a serial interface to GPRS, and Ethernet to GPRS as hybrid connection, Moxa also enabled the utility company to monitor all the districts in the power grid from a remote control center without the inconvenience and expense of constructing a new wired network.

As an additional safety precaution, administrators can issue commands to the FRTU to shut down the particular FTU, effectively isolating the problem to protect the rest of the power grid. Since electricity is an important service for the district and requires immediate recovery time, the communication link between the FTU and FRTU must be reliable. In order to provide a fully functional self-healing network, the OnCell G3111 also comes equipped with GuaranLink, which ensures that the connection will always be ON to provide zero data loss and on-demand cellular communications.

Why Moxa

• GuaranLink provides uninterrupted cellular communications and improves power reliability by automatically isolating an FTU (when it fails), which shortens the outage time and the scope of damage.

• The IP-based cellular network fully automated the monitoring system without the need to reconfigure TCP/IP settings.


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