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Major Tramway in Europe Consolidates Ticketing and Onboard Systems over Fiber Ring Network

Location / Country : France

Product Solutions:
EDS-P510 Series

7+3G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches with 4 IEEE 802.3af PoE ports

TN-5308-4PoE/TN-5308-8PoE Series

EN 50155 8-port unmanaged Ethernet switches with 4/8 PoE ports

Project Introduction

Stretching 14.5 kilometers with 31 stations, a major tramway will link northern and southern communities of a highly-populated region in France. To ensure a sustainable transportation development with a limited budget, the tramway network infrastructure must be highly cost-effective and perform with industrial reliability, especially in a country with over 20 tram networks.

Onboard passenger infotainment is delivered via audio speakers and display boards, and IP camera is deployed to smooth tramway operation. Vehicles will connect with the depot via secured wireless access points for maintenance. Also, for passenger convenience, tickets will be available at each tramway station through automated ticketing kiosks.

System Requirements

• Long-distance data transmission across different ticketing kiosks
• Redundant network connectivity to ensure system operations
• Industrial-grade durability to withstand onboard shock/vibration
• Cost-effective solution

Moxa Solution

In each station, Moxa’s V2402-LX embedded computers, display boards, and IP camera are connected to the EDS-P510 switch, which enables a highly resilient SFP fiber optic network featuring Turbo Ring network redundancy technology to provide Gigabit recovery times under 50 milliseconds (tested at 250-switch load). The ioLogik R2110 remote I/O devices are also deployed to control the state of the back-up battery that sits inside the tower, the audio amplifier, and the lightning arrester. Featuring 12 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, they also collect data from digital on/off devices.

Aboard each tram vehicle, a V2426-LX embedded computer broadcasts audio/video passenger information and is connected to a TN-5308-4PoE switch, which also provides tough network connectivity with shock/vibration-resistant M12/PoE connectors for the onboard IP surveillance system.

The tram vehicle also includes the EPM-3337 expansion module of the V2426-LX embedded computer to provide a combination of Wi-Fi, GPRS, GSM, EDGE, HSDPA, and GPS wireless communication. It connects to AWK-3121 wireless access point as the tram vehicles enter the depot for system maintenance.
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Why Moxa

• The EDS-P510 features Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technologies for Gigabit recovery times under 50 ms at 250-switch load
• -40 to 75?C wide operating temperature to withstand extreme conditions
• Complete edge-to-core solutions to ensure interoperability and minimize system integration costs
• EN 50155 certification for moving vehicle applications