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Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588v2) Enhancements in a 220 kV Substation

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:
PT-7728-PTP Series

IEC 61850-3 Layer 2 IEEE 1588v2 PTP rackmount (PRP/HSR) Ethernet switches

Project Introduction

China’s new generation of smart substations rely on synchronized GPS-based time stamping, high data-sampling rates, and keen, nanosecond accuracy for increased efficiency and reliability. For a 220 kV substation in Xijing, a city in Jiangsu Province, China’s state utility provider used IEEE 1588v2 (PTPv2) technology to synchronize its processes to nanosecond granularity, making monitoring, control, and protection applications more efficient. Thanks to the use of PTPv2 in these new smart substations, China’s electrical grid now utilizes highly accurate, finely-grained sampled measurement values (SMVs) of voltage and current, empowering system operators with valuable data that improves their ability to maintain and analyze the process bus environment.

System Requirements
  1. Synchronization of SMV streams to nanosecond accuracy
  2. Dual layout for relay protection units, with full redundancy of related process levels
  3. Rugged IEC 61850-3-compliant Ethernet switches that withstand harsh substation environments
  4. Transparent Clock (TC) mode for increased synchronization accuracy
  5. Zero-packet-loss Ethernet switches for mission-critical GOOSE transmissions
  6. The SMV network, GOOSE network (both at the process level), and the MMS network (at the station level) must be completely independent
  7. Up to 4 switched Ethernet links between any two IEDs

Moxa Solution


Process Level: The PT-7728-PTP Ethernet switches connect secondary equipment like merging units and IEDs (network analyzers, protection measurement units, and fault recorders) to the process bus. The PT-7728-PTP Ethernet switches receive SMVs from the merging units, and upon receiving abnormal SMVs will transmit GOOSE messages to the IEDs to protect switchgear by adjusting circuit breaker intervals. In addition, the PT-7728-PTP Ethernet switches work as a transparent clock, forwarding recalibrated PTP signals from the master clock.

Station Level: At the station level, PT-7728-PTP Ethernet switches connect the Power SCADA system, telecommunication units, the network communication recording system, and the fault recording substation. 



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Why Moxa

  1. IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 certification
  2. Turbo Ring / Turbo Chain network redundancy achieves 20 ms or faster recovery times across networks of up to 250 switches
  3. Industrial-grade, 19-inch rackmount design operates in temperatures from -40 to 85°C
  4. Redundant power inputs at 24/48 VDC or 110/220 VDC/VAC
  5. Flexible, modular configuration with up to 28 fiber optic ports (24+4G ports) for long-haul transmissions and scalable gigabit bandwidth
  6. Layer 3 Ethernet switches supporting