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Southern Italian Communities Converge Video Surveillance via IP-Based Infrastructure

Location / Country : Italy

Product Solutions:
EDS-P510 Series

7+3G-port Gigabit managed Ethernet switches with 4 IEEE 802.3af PoE ports

SFP-1G Series

1-port Gigabit Ethernet SFP modules

Project Introduction

The Italian government and a number of local municipalities in southern Italy, including Lecce, Mural, and San Pietro, decided to increase their safety and security facilities with the largest deployment of IP video surveillance solutions ever in Italy. The video surveillance systems are required to operate around the clock to offer increased security in local public spaces, such as historic centers, train stations, tourist attractions, and the surrounding motorways. Such a large video surveillance deployment requires expertise in the areas of network infrastructure and communication. Among the multiple telecommunications technologies used to cover such a wide area and to provide a reliable network, one of Italy’s leading system integrators used existing SDH networks, newly deployed Gigabit Ethernet networks, and wireless technology to implement its solutions.

System Requirements

• Power-over-Ethernet capability for connecting PoE IP cameras
• Tagged VLAN and IGMP snooping for bandwidth efficiency
• Gigabit network backbone for the large volume of video data
• Highly scalable fiber interface for long distance transmission
• Industrial-grade durability to withstand severe outdoor conditions

Moxa Solution

Moxa's EDS-P510-T industrial Ethernet switches were installed to connect the PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) IP cameras along the highway. In addition to its PoE capability that can provide up to 15.4 watts of power per PoE port, the EDS-P510-T was also selected for its three Gigabit ports that are capable of forming a Gigabit Ethernet backbone to meet the high bandwidth needed for transmitting large amounts of video data. The switches are equipped with tagged VLAN and IGMP snooping functions. The tagged VLAN function delivers video streams to a designated destination via the tag on each frame, eliminating the need to configure streams at each physical port and thus achieve higher operational efficiency, while IGMP snooping reduces the amount of traffic on the Ethernet LAN by pruning multicast traffic.

Due to the length of the highway, SFP-1GLXLC-T small form factor pluggable transceivers were installed to provide fiber optic data transmission. The network also adopted Moxa’s Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technologies, which ensure continuous video surveillance in the event of a network segment failure with network recovery in less than 50 ms.

In addition, the -40 to 75°C operating temperature supported by the EDS-P510-T industrial Ethernet switches enables them to work properly in roadside cabinets where there is no air conditioning or heating.


Why Moxa

• The EDS-P510-T provides up to three Gigabit ports to support massive video and data transmissions
• The EDS-P510-T has four PoE compliant Ethernet ports, ideal for locations where AC power is not readily available
• The EDS-P510-T supports IGMP snooping and tagged VLAN for more efficient bandwidth usage
• The EDS-P510-T features Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain technologies to minimize network downtime
• The EDS-P510-T provides three combo 100/1000BaseSFP slots for up to 80 km of data transmission
• The EDS-P510-T includes remote power management, an extended operating temperature, and high availability