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Most Densely-Populated Province in China Implements Automated Traffic Enforcement

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:
EDS-408A 3 Fiber Series

8-port Entry-level Managed Ethernet Switch with 3 Fiber Ports

EDS-505A/EDS-508A Series

5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction
Jiangsu province is home to almost 80 million Chinese residents, and government officials decided to install electronic citation systems to discourage traffic violations, assuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians at highly-congested traffic intersections.
At each local site, if a vehicle crosses the intersection during a red light or violates the speed limit, images of the vehicle license plate will be taken as evidence and stored on the computer. The computer will later transmit all images to the main control center, where evidence and violation notices will be processed and sent out to vehicle owners for payment collection. This requires long-distance transmission of image data from local sites back to the main control center and a reliable network for continuous operation. Also, the devices at the local site will require industrial durability to withstand severe temperature variances.

System Requirements

• Long-distance data transmission from local site to uplink to the main control center

• Network redundancy for reliable connectivity

• Wide-temperature tolerance for outdoor operation

• Rugged and compact design for installation in roadside cabinets

Moxa Solution

 Long distance transmission and network redundancy are both important characteristics of ITS applications. At each intersection, loop sensors and flash lighting are linked together to IP cameras for triggering video capture. All traffic control and monitoring devices, including IP cameras, traffic signals, and front-end embedded computer with storage solutions, are connected directly to the EDS-508A-MM-SC switch via Ethernet. Three EDS-508A-MM-SC managed switches connect to an EDS-408A-3M-SC managed switch to form a fiber ring with Moxa’s Turbo Ring technology to provide network recovery in under 20 ms when failure of a network segment occurs.

The EDS-408A-3M-SC and the EDS-508A-MM-SC are equipped with fiber ports that provide long distance transmission of gathered evidence for processing and feature IGMP snooping to reduce LAN congestion by filtering multicast traffic. The EDS-408A-3M-SC provides an additional fiber uplink to the remote industrial core switch at the main control center, which features high-performance full Gigabit capability with high port-density to handle large amounts of image data for advanced traffic data management. An optional industrial network management software, MXview, can significantly improve management of network components graphically via a web browser from a remote site to ensure a reliable and resilient network. In addition, both EDS-408A-3M-SC and EDS-508A-MM-SC feature wide operating temperature of -40 to 75°C, fanless and DIN-Rail compact design, which are ideal for harsh environments in roadside cabinets.

Most Densely-Populated Province in China Implements Automated Traffic Enforcement

Why Moxa

• One-stop shopping for edge-to-core industrial Ethernet switches and industrial network management solutions

• Turbo Ring technology for recovery times under 20 msle, easy to deploy solution for redundant networks using Moxa’s redundant Turbo Ring structure

• IGMP snooping for more efficient bandwidth usage

• Wide-temperature operation to withstand extreme operating conditions

• Fiber transmission for communication between remote locations and main control room

• NEMA TS2 compliance for EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)