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Information System for Parking Automation

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:
OnCell G3111/OnCell G3151/OnCell G3211/OnCell G3251

Compact quad-band GSM/GPRS IP gateways

Project Introduction

Finding a parking spot in Taipei, Taiwan, can be virtually impossible at times, even with the multitude of new underground and aboveground parking structures that have been constructed in recent years. Driving around to find an empty spot in a crowded garage is not only frustrating, but also wastes valuable time and fuel. As a system integrator, wouldn’t it be great if you could implement a control system that reduces the time drivers spend searching for parking by automatically displaying the number of empty parking spots? One of Moxa’s clients in Taiwan was responsible for developing such a system to receive data from a control room and display the information on variable message signs for a Taipei parking tower designed to accommodate over 300 vehicles.

System Requirements

• Communication device must fit inside a compact (5 to 7 cm thick) LED message board and be easy to install.

• LED message boards must be Internet-accessible.

• Real-time SMS notifications transmitted over GSM/GPRS networks.

Moxa Solution

The number of available parking spots is prominently displayed on LED message boards or variable message signs (VMS) at the parking tower’s entrance, allowing drivers to easily determine whether or not to search for a parking spot even before they enter the garage. The number of available parking spaces in the garage is monitored constantly by a counter connected to the security gate of the garage. By connecting the sensor at the gate to the garage control center, the system integrator was able to transmit real-time data to variable message signs that display the exact number of vacancies at any given moment.

Attached to the back of each message sign is a cabinet that houses a programmable logic controller (PLC) for controlling the information displayed on the signs. The PLC for a message sign does not need to be connected to a wired Ethernet network to maintain communications with the control system. By connecting the PLC to an OnCell G3111 cellular IP gateway through the RS-232 port, the PLC can easily receive data from the control center and display the information on the sign. Also, the OnCell can provide SMS transmissions in real-time across GSM/GPRS networks to cellular devices. Moreover, the OnCell G3111 offers two-way communication, allowing warning messages to be sent to a remote control center if a problem arises.

Why Moxa

• Moxa’s IP-based cellular solutions support Ethernet and RS-232 or RS-232/422/485 serial communication to provide a ready-to-use TCP/IP operation mode that is easy to install and minimizes the number of spare parts.

• With a width of only 2.6 cm, the OnCell G3111 were able to fit into the LED message boards.

• Not requiring knowledge of AT command protocols, the OnCell G3111 can be used with legacy systems for SMS transmission across GSM/GPRS networks.


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