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Using Moxa Ethernet Solutions to Create a Reliable Substation Automation System

Location / Country : Beijing Electric Power CorporationChina

Product Solutions:
EDS-408A 3 Fiber Series

8-port Entry-level Managed Ethernet Switch with 3 Fiber Ports

EDS-728 Series

24+4G-port Layer 2 Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction

The Beijing Electric Power Corporation is a large-scale enterprise that supplies power to the city of Beijing, China. The company uses its crew of nearly 10,000 workers to operate and maintain the power grid, which includes power transmission lines and transformers, and covers an area of 16,800 square kilometers. The company has accepted the mission of providing quality, reliable, and economical power service to more than 4.8 million manufacturers, buildings, and public utility services in the Beijing area. As of the end of 2005, the Beijing Electric Power Corporation owned 306 substations with a total capacity of 35360.3 megawatts of electricity.

One of the main goals set by the Beijing Electric Power Corporation was to maintain an efficient, but cost-effective operation. The goal was realized by adopting new technologies for substation automation that resulted in a major upgrade of the power distribution network. The upgrade was achieved by integrating advanced computing, communication, and control technologies that together provide comprehensive monitoring and control of the power grid.

Moxa Solution

Compared to traditional magnetic systems, advanced substation automation systems are more effi cient and integrated, and are made more effective by adding the main computing system and communication control management to the substation automation structure. The main computing system is responsible for collecting information, and for processing, recording, and preparing statistics on the operating data from the substation automation system. The computing system replaces many of the operating jobs that previously required a lot of manpower, while the communication control management is an integrated network system that inter-connects the substations, and connects the devices inside each substation to each other for exchanging the necessary data for control and management.

The substation automation system requires high effi ciency and reliability to implement synchronized monitoring and control of the substations. For these reasons, Moxa's EDS-726 and EDS-408A intelligent Ethernet switches were chosen to create a redundant ring topology in the substations for greater network reliability. There are switchgears in substations that are equipped with relays, sensors, and meters for the monitoring and collection of data such as power voltage and power current. Each switchgear has one EDS-408A that connects directly to devices for data collection. The EDS-408A Ethernet switches and the EDS-726 in the fi eld together form a ring that provides the substation automation system with hardened communication for real-time monitoring and control.

Moxa's Turbo Ring is renowned for its fast recovery time when a network failure occurs, and this add-on feature greatly enhances the availability of the substation automation system.“The fast-redundant Turbo Ring of Moxa's EDS-726 and EDS-408A switches and their industrial character fully satisfy the operation needs in rugged environments, assuring that the substation system is both stable and reliable,”said Mr. Liu, the chief engineer for the project. Beijing Electric Power has reduced manpower costs and higher operational effi ciency as a result of upgrading the substation automation system.

Network System Diagram

Why Moxa

  • Moxa's managed Ethernet switches feature Turbo Ring redundancy, ensuring that the network recoversin less than 300 ms when the network fails. NOTE : Recent Turbo Ring upgrades provide EDS-500A & EDS-400A series a 20 ms recovery time at
    250-switch load.
  • The web-based management and SNMP OPC Server support allow engineers to monitor the status of their networked devices in real time using SNMP software.
  • Moxa's managed switches support automatic warning by user configured events, reducing the effort required to manage systems over the network.
  • The fanless and low-power-consumption design make Moxa's switches well-suited for use in adverse substation environment, as enhance the MTBF for long-term operation.