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Utilizing a Meteorological Surveillance System to Make Transportation Safer in Northern China

Location / Country : China

Product Solutions:
VPort 36-1MP Series

HD, rugged, day-and-night box type IP cameras

Project Introduction

An important factor in the economic development of northern China is the ability to provide drivers with weather and road condition information in real time. Extreme and unpredictable weather has always been a factor in the region, making it important for drivers to be able to get realtime information about road conditions. 

China’s weather bureau has implemented a series of automated weather stations in its northern provinces that together form a meteorological surveillance system to provide drivers with weather and driving conditions in real time. By using the system, drivers can easily check visibility, wind, and rain conditions throughout the entire region, and whether or not roads are slippery from ice and snow. The CCTV system has been successfully implemented in both Xinjiang and Jiangsu.

System Requirements

Since the individual weather stations are spread over a wide area along the border and need to be integrated with an existing system, the client wanted a solution that satisfied the following requirements:

• Products must have a rugged design and be able to work reliably under extreme weather conditions
• Physical protection requirements like corrosion resistance for outdoor environments
• Low power consumption and the ability to power on in cold conditions
• Integration of an IP-based surveillance system, 3G communication, and solar power supply

Moxa Solution

• Moxa’s VPort 36-1MP with IP68 housing protection and -40 to 75°C operating temperature without heater or fan offers an ideal solution for extreme weather conditions. The lack of moving parts contributes to operating reliability as well as resistance to tampering.
• Easy integration and system interoperability of IP surveillance solutions, including cameras and 3G wireless products.