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Moxa Ethernet switches simplify printing machine development and service

Location / Country : World Leading Printing Machine Builder /Global

Product Solutions:
EDS-505A/EDS-508A Series

5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches

EDS-728 Series

24+4G-port Layer 2 Gigabit modular managed Ethernet switches

Project Introduction

A forty year old world leading machine builder with approximately five hundred employees and numerous customers worldwide delivers total printing machine solutions that range from initial planning, production startup, to after sales service. The company cooperates with well-known companies like Siemens, Koenig & Bauer and others, sells twenty to thirty sets of printing machine solutions every year, and is a market leader in control and workflow solutions for highly automated production processes for newspaper printing and publishing houses. The company controls the production of daily newspapers in over 400 publishing houses throughout the world, spanning all prepress, press and postpress processes up to the point of delivery of printed material. Printing machines have to provide many years of trouble-free operation with minimum downtime, so reliability and fast maintenance for network devices integrated into the printing machine is a primary requirement. This printing machine builder adds additional value by providing a WAN-based support service that can remotely monitor and diagnosis customers' printing machines. This real-time monitoring via WAN requires an extremely reliable and fast network infrastructure.

Moxa Solution

The company's printing machines are built in sections with each printing house installing from two to fifteen sections, depending on the printing volume and scale required. The printing machines apply a "decentralized control concept", with each printing machine "section" equipped with four cabinets that house PLC's, I/Os, motor controllers and Ethernet switches. The machine builder uses Moxa's EDS-508-MM-SC Ethernet switches in the cabinets to collect and forward all the working information from each section to a control console. This section console allows monitoring and control of the printing section, giving each section the ability to be operated independently, linked with other sections, or commanded via the console remotely. All section consoles connect using an EDS-726 Ethernet switch to form a fiber network for extremely reliable high-speed data collection. This network configuration allows for responsive monitoring and control of every section, offers fast data recovery, and can cover long distances between sections of large-scale press operations. All this data can also be transferred to the machine builder's control center that allows customers to use the "Tele-support Service" for the printing machine. For any exceptions or failure, the information is sent in real time to the Tele-support control center via Internet so a support engineer can quickly help diagnosis and solve problems remotely.

Using newer Ethernet-enabled solutions has allowed this printing machine company to innovate while simultaneously improving manufacturing performance, reliability, reducing service calls and improving customer service. Their customers realize benefits such as decreased downtime, lower maintenance costs, reduced paper waste, energy savings, faster setup time, reduced training costs and easier expansion, all of which result in lower manufacturing costs with higher product quality.


Why Moxa

  • Rugged and durable Ethernet devices with high MTBF ensure long-term trouble free operation.
  • Turbo Ring recovery time < 300ms ensures the realtime non-stop network monitoring.
  • Moxa's EDS Series Ethernet switches support remote control/monitoring via SNMP protocol.
  • EDS-508-MM-SC and EDS-726 Series can send out a warning e-mail when a user-configured exception is detected, providing system managers with realtime alarm messages and can also help with remote monitoring and diagnosis.
  • EDS-508-MM-SC and EDS-726 Series support two power inputs to prevent data loss from power failure.
  • EDS-508-MM-SC and EDS-726 Series' fiber optic network support solve the problem of the long transmission distance of large-scale printing press operations.