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Embedded Computer Controls PLC and Switch in Wind Turbine

Location / Country : Spain

Product Solutions:

RISC-embedded computers with 4 serial ports, dual LANs, VGA, DIOs, CompactFlash, USB

Project Introduction

Wind farm networks employ SCADA systems to collect data from wind turbines. A PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is used for data acquisition and the data is sent via an Ethernet switch. A notable wind turbine manufacturer from Spain was looking for embedded computers to control and exchange data from the PLC to the Ethernet switch to improve data communications and management.


System Requirements
  • An on/off switch system to control the data from the PLC (lock, bypass, or pass to the Ethernet switch)
  • Dual LAN ports for configuring and transmitting data from PLCs to Ethernet switches
  • Built-in DI/DO to control the on/off switch system, detection system and alarm system
  • Front-end data computing and storage


Moxa Solution

System Solution

Initially, the wind turbine in this case study was without embedded computers so the data passed from the PLC to the Ethernet switch without filtering or managing any front-end data.

By using Moxa's IA260 embedded computers, our client can decide whether to lock, pass, or bypass the data from the PLC to the Ethernet switch, as well as compute, store, and filter front-end data to improve data communications and management.

Moxa's IA260 features 8+8 DI/DOs to control the on/off switch as well as intrusion detection and alarm light systems. In addition, some DI/DOs can be reserved for future use. The dual LAN ports (one fixed IP and one configurable port) allow data to be transmitted from the PLC to the Ethernet switch. The switch will then deliver data to the SCADA system. In addition, a CompactFlash slot and extra serial interfaces (4 serial ports) are available for future storage expansion and use.




Why Moxa


l   Moxa's embedded computers are recognized for being reliable and trusted wind power controllers for PLCs and switches

l   All-in-one embedded system: only one Moxa embedded computer is needed thanks to multiple interfaces, dual LANs, and DI/DOs

l   Industrial and stable embedded system allows consistent network operation



Rcore Ready-to-Run Embedded Software Platform

The high reliability and stability of Moxa's embedded computers give users an extra advantage over the competition. To boost our customers' competitiveness for a faster time-to-market, Moxa is offering application developers a valuable embedded software platform. Called Rcore, this platform brings you the following hard-to-beat benefits:

l    Easy to use application libraries

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l    Consulting-level advice for application development

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