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Integrated Testing Equipment for Global Positioning Systems
Product Solutions:
UPort 404/UPort 407

4 and 7-port industrial-grade USB hubs


The global positioning system manufacturing process is complicated and highly technical. The last and most important stage in the process is integrated testing for quality assurance. Before they are packaged, new global positioning systems are connected by USB to diagnostic equipment that runs an integrated testing program to test product functions.

Integrated testing in the global positioning system manufacturing process requires zero fault tolerance. One of our customers encountered a testing quality problem but was unsure whether the testing failure was caused by an unreliable USB hub or the global positioning system. The client came to Moxa looking for an industrial USB hub solution to connect host and diagnostic equipment to ensure reliable data transmission.

Moxa Solution

The basic requirements for mass production are high productivity, low cost, and high quality. The UPort™ 400 series includes 4 and 7-port USB hubs with USB-IF certification to ensure true USB 2.0 Hi-Speed 480 Mbps data transmission through each port. In addition, the UPort™ 400 series support 12-40 VDC external power and guarantee the broadest compatibility with USB devices. All these features improve productivity and reduce trouble-shooting costs for mass production.

Why Moxa

• Broad compatibility (USB-IF certified)
• High-speed data transmission
• Wide temperature support
• Small form factor and wall-mountable to save space
• Continuous power supply