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Multi-function manufacturing control system

Location / Country : U.S.A.

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

One of the leading suppliers to auto part production and distribution companies operates about 90 plants in 28 countries. The manufacturer designs a line of automotive products that includes tires, belts, hoses, and other rubber products for the automotive industry. The manufacturer needed a single platform to communicate with the different serial protocols that were being used throughout the factory's existing network. By reorganizing the assembly line and making other improvements, the manufacturer wanted to save time and labor, improve workplace safety, reduce cabling costs, and minimize the need for PC maintenance.

Moxa Solution

The convenient programming tools that come with MOXA's UC-7420 make it easy to create applications for converting between different serial protocols. Programmers can first write the C code on their Windows PC, and then use a GNU cross compiler to download the program to the UC-7420. Porting programs requires minimal effort because the required device drivers are already built into the UC-7420 platform.


Why Moxa

  • The UC-7420's ability to handle data conversion reduces hardware development costs and software development time
  • The rugged design and special coating on the PCB board protects the computer from harsh chemicals and other warehouse elements
  • Inclusion of various peripheral interfaces allows for further expansion
  • Dual Ethenet ports allow data backup to different networks without re-cabling or reconstruction