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Semiconductor foundry uses embedded computers to reconstruct factory automation

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

One of the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundries has built its reputation on offering advanced wafer production processes and unparalleled manufacturing efficiency. In order to have an innocuous and safe manufacturing environment, the foundry built over 2,500 dry pumps in each wafer foundry to pump toxic gas and polluted liquid.

In the past, the foundry used routers to connect the dry pumps (each router connected up to 40 dry pumps) and all the routers shared a 10 Mbps network and linked to a single server. However, this setup was susceptible to a few problems that made it difficult to form an integrated system. First of all, the communication network was overloaded and unstable. In addition, dry pumps from different brands had different protocols. To overcome these problems, the foundry decided to reconstruct the whole system using embedded computers for front-end protocol conversion, onsite monitoring, and communication.

Application Requirements


  • Embedded computers with built-in OPC or Modbus interfaces to send data to SCADA (Intouch or iFIX HMI installed) for remote monitoring and front-end control
  • Independent network links to the embedded computer for each dry pump to speed up the communication rate and stabilize transmission
  • Embedded computers that support RS-232/422/485 interface for connecting dry pumps and OPC, and Modbus interface for transmitting data back
  • Multiple communication ports for connecting devices
  • Multiple LAN ports and Ethernet ports built-in for network redundancy
  • Front-end communication computer used for data processing, logging and protocol conversion
  • Environment that can handle multiple devices using different protocols for data communication
  • Built-in web server for remote monitoring
  • Quick system response
  • Long MTBF to enhance system reliability

Moxa Solution

The foundry selected Moxa DA-660-8-LX and DA-660-16-LX embedded computers to connect up to 8 and 16 RS-232/422/485 interface dry pumps as inner controllers and front-end protocol gateways for data acquisition, controlling, and protocol conversion. It also used Moxa EDS-408A Ethernet switches to form a Turbo Ring for receiving data from embedded computers via Modbus interface.


Why Moxa

  • Can be used as both front-end controllers to monitor and control dry pumps, and front-end protocol gateways to convert RS-232/422/485 protocol to Modbus or OPC interface
  • RISC-based Linux operating system shortens the programming learning curve
  • Rackmount design for easy installation and system management
  • Dual LAN ports for network redundancy to ensure system reliability and continuous operation
  • 8-port (DA-660-8-LX) and 16-port (DA-660-16-LX) options available