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Flexible Manufacturing System

Location / Country : OMRON Corp./Japan

Product Solutions:

Project Introduction

(network diagram)

Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) offers manufacturers a flexible and reliable system to control and monitor their manufacturing process. By using FMS, manufacturers can produce customized products at a faster rate, making it easier for them to meet market demand.

OMRON Corp. has developed just such an FMS, and a PC with MOXA C218Turbo is a key component of the product line monitoring system. Each product line is equipped with one PC and one MOXA multiport board. MOXA multiport boards not only connect to the overhead signboards to inform the operators of current operation status, but also connect to a high precision digital scales to make sure products are not over the weight limit. Other devices, such as temperature/humidity sensors, PLCs, and quality ratio counters, can also be connected to the PC via C218Turbo's serial ports.

Moxa Solution