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Wafer manufacturing system

Location / Country : Taiwan

Product Solutions:
NPort 5610/NPort 5630 Series

8 and 16-port RS-232/422/485 rackmount serial device servers

NPort 5650 Series

8 and 16-port RS-232/422/485 rackmount serial device servers

Project Introduction

NOTE: NPort Server Pro, the product featured in this Success Story, has been upgraded to our NPort 5600 Series. To read about this new and improved multiport device server, click on the product name above to link to the product's web page.

Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) is a leading integration chipset maker with the first 586-generation class in the world. SIS previously used a PC, installed with a multiport board, to connect its wafer testing machines and robots. But when the need for a more versatile solution arose, they chose MOXA NPort Server Pro to build a more scalable and cost-effective system to control their precision devices. This newer system has vastly reduced maintenance cost, since engineers are now able to control and monitor their wafer manufacturing and testing machines remotely via the Ethernet. Moreover, by using NPort Server Pro, SIS has created a new system that is more economic, efficient, and easier to maintain and control.

Concerning the CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) system used by SIS, wafer manufacturing and testing equipment such as robots and testing machines, are attached to NPort Server Pro via the Ethernet. With this new system, important production data can be sent back to the management center in real-time, simplifying the workflow of the host and expediting the management center's decision-making process.

 NPort Server Pro does not require a host's limited slot resources, so there is no need to buy extra PCs just to add serial devices, or to upgrade PCs to improve performance. In this case, SIS has not only improved the management of their factory automation system, but has also saved tremendous time and money, since they no longer need to purchase and set up additional PCs.

Moxa Solution

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